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22.11.2006, 09:21
Watched the very last episode of Alias yesterday. And in the end, when Sydney and Irina are fighting, and Irina ends up, lying on top of that glass window, in front of the Rambaldi sphere.
Then Sydney begs her mother to grab her hand, otherwise, the glass will break, and Irina will die. But Irina doesn't listen, and tries to take the sphere instead. Then the glass shatters, and Irina falls to her death.

Isn't that at least QUITE similar to the Kiara/Zira scene in Simba's Pride, when Zira's hanging on that cliff over the raging river, and Kiara's trying to help her.
That was just my thought when I watched the Alias ep yesterday. What d'you guys think?

Btw, no more Alias!!! ( :() Really enjoyed that show... Now I have to buy all the seasons on DVD;)

The Sonic God
23.11.2006, 00:25
Actually, such scenes are quite common in movies altogether, where people are hanging on some edge of a cliff or a building, and eventually fall to their death (which is a horrible way to die, I feel.)

23.11.2006, 12:25
Yeah, sure is.
Just thought it was very SP;)