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The Sonic God
01.12.2006, 17:21
Alright, I remember mailing in a payment of over $150 in the beginning of November, and I was wondering why I wasn't receiving any bill from my ISP in my mail. No problem. So I sign into my account via the web browser and I check on my current balance.



I owe this much to Earthlink? I'm choking here, and my heart is racing... how could I be that far behind?!

I call up Earthlink and go through their automated system, which is a slow, tedious process because I have to enter my username and password over the phone by typing in the numbers. Gah! I wait for 10 minutes and finally talk to a human. They said that I have a credit of $222.73... I do not owe them anything!

Woah... how'd this happen? Well... it's a good thing, because according to them, I do not owe my ISP any more money for the next 4 months! Woo-hoo!

@_X *dies of shock value*

13.12.2006, 16:23
*blinks* so they didnt charge you?...or was the info just screwy

The Sonic God
15.12.2006, 18:43

Usually, an account balance refers to what you owe someone. The information listed on the balance was that number, but in this case, according to Earthlink, it was actually a "credit." Which means that somewhere along the line, there was a significant overpayment. That overpayment means that I don't owe Earthlink anything for several months. They'll charge for my internet service, but rather than asking me for a payment, they'll deduct from that credit.

Quite bizarre.

15.12.2006, 18:53
ahh fair play...no paying internet for while...dont push things ^^

The Sonic God
20.12.2006, 18:59
Yeah, still need to keep tabs on it every month, though.