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17.12.2006, 20:09
Link found on the Lion Furs LJ group:


17.12.2006, 20:16
What the heck ? ?(

What superlions....Lions will always stay lions.Buffalos....I saw lions trying to bring down elephant.
The only thing here is nice that picture.

Her attentive rearguard while the mothers were off hunting gave her the opportunity to finish off each and every cub in the past two years," he says.

"Ironically the biggest threat to the lions is not buffalo at all, but the stalking enemy within."

Joubert says: "It was awful to see. One of their own was mauling the little cubs to death, defying everything we know about maternal love."

In survival terms, this was devastating for the Tsaro pride; its strength appeared to be ebbing away.

"The future of that pride is in its cubs," says Joubert. "Lions live in a matriarchal society. Why was this lioness committing such an atrocity?

Thats only thing sad here :(

17.12.2006, 22:54
Thats a prety amazing tale...how did ya come across it

The Sonic God
20.12.2006, 19:07
I'm not sure if any of what I read was kosher... I just find it hard to believe.