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The Sonic God
29.12.2006, 22:43
Because I was a fan of both Sci-Fi, and Jeremy Irons, I decided to see this movie.

If you have not seen this movie and do not want to be spoiled, then leave this topic!

As you no doubt have guessed, the main character of the story is a farm boy named Eragon... and he is about to embrace his destiny of becoming a Dragon rider. See the similarities?

Now, you might have seen the previews for the videogame, and believe you me, the game sucks. A game, based on a movie, which was based on a book.

Get the book first, and this will make much more sense.

Now, this is one of the first movies I've seen in a while that Jeremy Irons' role was not an evil one... unlike Dungeons and Dragons, Die Hard 3, and of course, The Lion King.

This movie doesn't suck, but it doesn't do much for drama, either. The plot seems to be rushed, you're thrown right into the cold water, expected to stay afloat just long enough to see Irons' character lose his life to the oddest way of dying... protecting Eragon when you all thought that no help was in sight. Pff. What do I know?

So this kid finds a stone which was transported by a mysterious female who was chased by minions ordered by this evil king... waitaminute. Something's curiously familiar here. Oh well.

So Eragon, during his hunting completely misses his target because this mysterious blue stone comes out of nowhere and blocks his shot. Because he comes from a hungry, starving family, he takes the stone to a merchant in hopes to get money for it. And of course, the merchant wouldn't buy it because that stone apparently belonged to the King. And I say "belonged," because a dramatic turn of events takes place.

The stone isn't actually a stone. It's a dragon egg. Wow. I never would have figured that out! :p

Anyway, Eragon is in the barn back at home and the mysterious blue stone... egg, rather, hatches. And out pops this cute little baby dragon. And when I say cute... I mean it. A cute dragon. Complete with a fuzzy head and big eyes. And of course, what does a dragon want when it first hatches? Food. So Eragon pulls this bag full of pig slop or whatever the heck it is and attempts to feed the dragon. The dragon bites at the bag and the bag explodes. Of course, being the poor farm boy that he is, he tells the dragon that's all there was to eat. The dragon didn't care. She (yes, she) went after a rat that was just behind a bail of hay. Took care of the rat problem!

Then the story gets weird. Eragon feels it necessary to comfort the newborn dragon, and tries to pet her. A bright flash of light and a mysterious burn mark on Eragon's hand shows a dragon symbol. Okay... not much explained there.

The dragon grows up a little bit and Eragon feels that the dragon should learn how to fly. The dragon figures it out as she is lifted into the air and then takes off into the sky. Eragon is confused as the dragon does not return. And then it gets weirder. I'm not sure what's going on here, but apparently, the dragon went into a thunderstorn and lightning swarmed the dragon, causing her to grow to a massive size. The dragon returns to the ground in front of Eragon, now a full-grown but still young dragoness.


The link above shows you pictures and info.

Sephira is apparently the dragon's name now... don't remember how she got it. And what is more peculiar is that now her throughts and Eragon's thoughts can be read. The dragoness gives Eragon the ability to use magic, driven by the words of a mysterious old language of the Elves. (Gee, LOTR ripoff). Whatever.

That's as much as I'll throw out as a spoiler, but as far as graphics go, they are simply stunning. As far as the plot goes, it was really rushed and put together very quickly. Jeremy's acting was good at times, but at other times, I didn't know what he was doing. I still appreciate him as an actor, though.

The movie isn't worth the $9.00 I spent for it, but it was still interesting nonetheless.

Eragon shows an average-quality movie for a rating that I'd like to give it, a 3 out of 5.

20.02.2007, 21:13
I didn't watch the movie but I'm currently reading the book (in English :D) and so far it seems like the movie really didn't go into details.
I wonder if you've already read the book Justin because many of the questions you mentioned were addressed there. This really reminds me a lot to Harry Potter. There the books are also more detailed and also...vivid.

Although some might call Eragon "Lord of the shakespearean Potter Wars" I really enjoy reading the story. Of course some themes are already well-known and widespead in nowadays literature, but it comes up with some nice ideas like the fact that one can extent his or her mind and read other's thought partly.

I'll watch the movie once it is available on DVD, just because I got curious.

The Sonic God
23.02.2007, 19:24
'Twas a review of the movie, not the book, but meh...

Yes, yes, READ the book. Ja, ja, Lesen das Buch!

A book will always be better than a movie, infinitely. Better detail, better... well... better everything.


Graphics: 10 out of 10
Acting: 6 out of 10
Storyline: 4 out of 10
Music: 7 out of 10
Oscar-deserving: No