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The Sonic God
04.01.2007, 00:24
Okay, every Disney/Pixar movie has a similarity with other Disney movies.

I just happened to notice that Cars has a scene where Lightning McQueen dives right into a field of cacti in the pit of some vast desert.

Well... everyone knows the "cactus butt" scene from The Lion King.

Anyone else notice similarities?

04.01.2007, 07:57
I didn't really see "Cars" fully, although I saw a breif part of it at the Dead Dog Party following Midwest Furfest, so I can't really relate to the exact scene that you're talking about, however I'd guess that there is some basic formula for "easy humor" (i.e. jokes or visual gags that are known for being readily humerous without the need for plot explanation)

Slap-stick humor such as that has been around for the longest time, and it's preobably a thing of going with what works, weather it be a lighter movie such as "Cars" or a slightly more serious number such as The Lion King, but any way you follow it there's going to be moments of easy humor, and comic releif.

And let's face it; characters falling into cacti is pretty funny. :lionbiggrin