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24.01.2007, 14:16
hi guys!

i love the tv-serie scrubs! i've watched all seasons (mostly in english)
and in season 2 they talk about the lion king

JD (to a patient)
" .......i call it the circle of life"

dr.cox (enters the room)
"betsie u must stop watching the lion king!"

"i love the little lion cub, what's its name?"


JD (laughs)
"it was a trap, i knew u are a fan too"

if you also are a fan of scrubs please answer

24.01.2007, 16:12
As much as i really wish i could say
Yo iz totalleez all aboutz da Scrubs!
i can't...

i wish i was though. i've only seen very few eps all the way through, but i always wanted to start watching regularly but i never had the time to actually like- hm maybe i should look in the corner of the screen, and look at the clock so i can do this and be happy again next time.- no... siiigh. Silly me

But i do/did really wanna see the musical ep. Looks really good. And i'm always a fan of that silly stuff in a tv show if it's done right, you like hmm... Buffy? Have i missed it or when will that one come on? ...i probably missed it... and could probably youtube some eps when i can. Which i very well might do. :D

24.01.2007, 16:17
okay :D im very sry, as i come from a german-speakin country i'm not that familiar with your language ;) i understood all, except the buffy thing
so can you tell me once more, plz ;)

Alex Kile
25.01.2007, 21:26
I have the first four seasons on DVD I thnink I like scrubs. he he

25.01.2007, 21:49
my favourite episode is from the 2nd season

jd is with a lady whos man was in a coma, but then he died
and so jd tries to get serious with the girl
and in this episode the song "99 luftballons" comes up, i can't tell my favourite joke cause it would take too long, and it's kinda situation humor
but if sby has seen this episode he or she will know what i mean :D

26.01.2007, 06:16
Originally posted by Satai
i understood all, except the buffy thing
so can you tell me once more, plz ;)

She's talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118276/). It's an ... interesting... show. Kind of fun to watch with friends... although I may never get invited to another Buffy and Angel marathon again. Oops... :liontongue

26.01.2007, 06:19
Originally posted by windrose
although I may never get invited to another Buffy and Angel marathon again. Oops... :liontongue

Whatcha do? :P

Anyway, Scrubs is.. interesting. I watch it sometimes, but always manage to flip the channel and forget about it.

26.01.2007, 06:34
All I did was ask a question....

I'd never seen the show(s) before and when I saw all the vampires "vamped out", I asked if it was a rule that all vampires (in that "universe") had Down's Syndrome. Amazing just how loud dead silence can be...

26.01.2007, 21:34
*giggles* You shouldn't not get invited again just because you asked a question. :P

White Lion
27.01.2007, 17:04
I have cought maybe a dozen of the episodes on the comedy channel late at night before. I like the series and watch it whenever i find it on tv.

Alex Kile
31.01.2007, 12:36
I reeeeheeeheeheeheeeeeeeeeely like scubs newbie! :D

21.02.2007, 18:51
hey guys!
got a question, is season 6 already published in the US?

and on you tube i found sthg which is rather kewl^^^


watch it! ca faut la peine ;)

The Sonic God
02.03.2007, 05:34
I saw one episode of Scrubs.

That's all I can say about it.

I really want Father of the Pride back... :(

02.03.2007, 23:57
i actually saw the ten published episodes of season 6 (really cool^^)
has sby else saw them?