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10.03.2007, 20:23
I saw this (http://www.toygers.org/) on my Yahoo home page. A breeder named Judy Sugden has bred a domestic cat to look like a tiger. Right now there are only about 250 of them in the world and she believes that over a couple more generations they will come to look even more like tigers. She calls them "toygers" short for "toy tigers" and if you are interested in this "designer cat" you're looking at a cost of $800 to $4000 US depending on where you shop.

11.03.2007, 01:18

Did this woman ever look at a real Tiger?

Well if you want to start off a new breed you have to bring some sort of marketing gag I guess...

I still prefer Tabbies over that "breed".

11.03.2007, 01:19
PS: Animals are NO toys. No wai.

11.03.2007, 03:30
There was a video about it on my home page that I had to watch twice. I saw everyone playing with what looked like common tabby cats. And then claiming that she bred them so they'd have that "prowling walk" that people love in big cats... :lionrolleyes

They do have "big cat" blood in them. Something called an Asian leapard cat (I think) but as far as I'm concerned they are just a very expensive version of an ordinary housecat. <shrugs>

Maybe I'm too practical to be interested in "trophy" collecting like that...

11.03.2007, 11:02
the just look like bengals. i hate the blurb, where its saying they'll suit the modern lifestyle.. its not a blumming coffee maker!

urgh. in a couple generatiions time they'll be inbred and diseased.

11.03.2007, 11:33
I totally agree with Leopatra. Cats or pets in general are no toys. Especially if theydo have "big cat" blood in them.
Somehow I don't know what to think of this modern pets anymore.

What strikes me is that certain people are willing to pay for these newly created "Lifestyle-pets" while other "normal" cats are given away to an animal shelter and have no real home. I would not want to turn my european short-haired cat in for this "toyger". Still I hope that people will not lose their respekt for wild animal. One can't tame them. I realize that even my little black cat can be a real killer at times. It definately is no toy!

11.03.2007, 21:19
I need to stop researching this. I get more horrified with each article that I read -- like this one (http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/212041/).

Here (http://news.search.yahoo.com/news/search?p=toyger&c=av)'s the video that initially caught my attention.

11.03.2007, 21:44
This person is full of sh**.

The Video upsets me and makes me want to rip her heart out with a spoon. To say it in a nice way.

She has NO respect for life.
Animals are NO toys. Animals shouldn't be "made" to suit ones "lifestyle" they are no fixtures but living creatures. If you want to make much money please don't do so with living creatures and please don't make humanity believe Animals could be "designed". I hate such shallow minded greedy people.

BTW: The Asian Leopard Cat is a wild small cat, not a big cat.

11.03.2007, 21:50
I had thought they were using "big cat" to mean "exotic" or "wild" to differentiate it from a housecat. Thank you for clarifying.

12.03.2007, 08:22
Thank you for the video, Windrose.
Now that I saw these "toygers" in action they really remind me more of a housecat that one of their wild relatives.

There was this computergame called "Petz" ("Catz" and "Dogz" if anyone remembers it...) where some people also breeded new "breedz" so that you could adopt a lion or a tiger. But although they looked similiar to their wild relatives they still remained cats afterall.

But that was just a game. This, however, is reality and I don't think you should toy with this. There are plenty of breeds right now and I'm not interested in seeing new ones just for the sake of "art" or "lifestyle".

Still I wonder what they'll look like once they've grown up.. and if they actually like water ;)

The Sonic God
12.03.2007, 20:14
People who want novelty pets make me sick.

That's all I have to say.

Sorry for the short post.

13.03.2007, 02:16
You know, even though I don't really see the point in this "designer cat," at least it is a domestic housecat -- which is a decided improvement over the various fad exotic pets... like prairie dogs or Burmese pythons... or actual tiger or lion cubs.

At least the average, reasonably intelligent person knows how to take care of a cat properly. There's little danger of disease or infection of either the animal or the owner because of lack of knowledge or inadequate facilities.

Of course I still think these cats are designed for those few people with more money than sense....