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12.03.2007, 00:28
I had to look this story (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070228/ap_on_fe_st/indonesia_tigers_orangutans_4;_ylt=AqNtb3UwQCeQuwz ky1L8C5HlWMcF) up just because the pictures that I've been seeing on Yahoo are so adorable. A pair of orangutan babies and a pair of Sumatran tiger cubs in an Indonesian zoo have become inseparable friends after being abandoned by their birth mothers. The news story even has a video that you can watch as well.

12.03.2007, 08:31
Awww... that's very cute. I envy them because right now all they want is to play. They don't know that one day they'll have to be seperated and I guess they don't care either.

It reminds me of Disney's "The Fox and The Hound" but the story you posted is rather unique.

Thanks for sharing this news, Windrose :)

The Sonic God
12.03.2007, 20:12
That is rather sweet. Wonderful video, too.

And to think that the tigers will grow to become 3 times the size of a orangutan. O_O