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27.03.2007, 21:56
this is the character info page for Industrial Outlands (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=24286)

[profile layout]
Stage of Development:
Accessories: (if any)

27.03.2007, 22:24
Name: Krow
Species: Wolf/husky mix
Gender: Male
Stage of Development: not a cub, but not quite an adult
Appearance: Black and Red husky patterned fur. Blue eyes. (looks kinda like a less scruffy Balto)
Accessories: gell bracelets on his right forepaw.

Name: Shadow
Species: Lion
Gender: Female
Stage of Development: Cub
Appearance: white belly fur and tail tuft, black top fur, red paws, red left eye. Blue eyes. she has a chip taken out of her left ear. (looks kinda like Nala)
Accessories: single row spiked collar with a ring that could be used for a leash, single row spiked bracelet on her left forepaw. wig that's short and spiked in back with bangs down to just past her chin.

Name: Fre^2k
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Stage of Development: Cub
Appearence: white belly fur, light gray top fur, black around his eyes, black tail tuft, black mohawk-like head tuft down to his chin. Green eyes. (looks kinda like simba)
Accessories: double row spiked bracelet on his left forepaw. gell bracelets on his tail. he always has a certain bone with him.

Name: Film
Species: lion
Gender: male
Stage of Development: cub
Appearance: dark gray belly fur, black top fur, dark gray around his eyes and on his muzzle. neon blue and neon green tail tuft. head tuft separates into five dreadlocks which have a neon blue and neon green spiral. one green eye and one blue eye. (looks kinda like simba)
Accessories: single row spiked collar, single row spiked bracelet on his right forepaw, single row spiked band on his tail. He carries around a digital camera.