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31.03.2007, 22:00
(i'm not sure if i'm doing this right but...)

Name: Jaynr
Gender: Male
Race: Lion

Physical Characteristics

Eyes: Black, tinted with gold.
Fur: black
Age: adolescent (more like the human age of late teens)
Build: lithe, strong
Unique Markings/Scars: a scar across his face, running from above his eye diagonally across his cheek to his collar bone.

Personal Characteristics

Place of Origin: rouge/ not from a particular pride

Strengths: quick witt, speed, tendancy to stay silent, he is a good listener.

Weaknesses: His past, a firey temper when provoked.

Personality: a shy but headstrong young male, Jaynr does not give up easily, he has a burning hatred for heyenas, given that it was a pack of heyenas that left him an orphan. he takes some time to warm up to, but he is loyal and would stop at nothing to help someone. He lived alone for several years, chased off by every pride he tried to join, untill he was accepted into the pridelands. jaynr still mourns the loss of his siblings, and vowed to avenge their death.

01.04.2007, 16:02
That's very good. Thanks for letting us know who you are and welcome to The Savannah :)
Have fun joining one of or roleplays or create a new one.

01.04.2007, 22:37
thanks :)