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The Sonic God
09.04.2007, 02:08
There are all kinds of doughnuts in the world, and I have had the chance to try many of them.

Many Americans and Germans know about the history of one of our presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who tried to impress the Germans by saying this familiar statement: "Ich bin ein Berlinner!" Well, of course, Jackie Kennedy was far better at German than he was. He just told everyone that he was a doughnut. lol

So, what doughnuts do you like?

10.04.2007, 09:17
Ermm... what exactely is this "Bismarck - Germany"-Thing?

10.04.2007, 13:10

10.04.2007, 17:40
Oh noes! Not Kirispy Kreme. <bleh>

Never did like those things. If I was going to do "American" Doughnuts I'd have to go with Dunkin' DOughnuts.

The Sonic God
13.04.2007, 06:29
Originally posted by Kirauni
Ermm... what exactely is this "Bismarck - Germany"-Thing?

Wikipedia-mentioned "possible" origin.

17.04.2007, 03:28
I think we only have the TimmyHo's up here in canada - unless some of the bigger metropolitan areas in the nation do have things like KK, DD or other names out there...

"R-r-r-r-r-r-roll up the rim to wwwwwin" my tooshie. X*D~

20.04.2007, 11:33
Win your tooshie Alad? What do we get to do with it when we win... (asshat isn't the right thing to think, is it... my poor brain :cry:).

Too many doughnuts make this poor foxy sick, so I generally avoid them :(

21.04.2007, 13:45
me and a small group of friends once ate a whole box of krispy kremes (12 i think) in one sitting, then for the next 20 minutes could not stop laughing our heads off because we were so high off the sugar :D it was a rather unusual night XD

22.04.2007, 00:05
A whole box of Krispy Kreme?! Oooooh, I think I'd be sick. Either that or the suger rush would cause my brain to spasm and fall out my ears. ?(

22.04.2007, 08:23
Originally posted by MafrikiWhat do we get to do with it when we win...

Hmm, i never thought of that... put it on your phone reciever so you can always make booty calls? :P

The Sonic God
23.04.2007, 05:24
Originally posted by Cobalt
A whole box of Krispy Kreme?! Oooooh, I think I'd be sick. Either that or the suger rush would cause my brain to spasm and fall out my ears. ?(

After about six doughnuts, I go on a guilt trip. @_X

24.04.2007, 19:06
Guilt trips are fun. I go on so many I opted for the frequent flyer program. :P

25.04.2007, 00:54
Yeah, but they always take you to the same place -- and that handbasket isn't very comfortable either. :liontongue

The Sonic God
27.04.2007, 22:43
Originally posted by Cobalt
Guilt trips are fun. I go on so many I opted for the frequent flyer program. :P

That there should be "Quote of the Month." XD

14.01.2008, 17:07
this thread makes me hungry....i like krispy cream its to dam good soemthings up with these doughnuts

The Sonic God
15.01.2008, 05:37
People have created gourmet recipes for Krispy Kremes.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
29.08.2008, 23:10
I'll Eat About Any Doughnut I Get My Paws On, But I Prefer Bismarks Over The rest, Especially Cream Filled Ones!

20.09.2008, 16:50
Well, I'm afraid that we in Germany don't have so many different kinds of doughnuts. I like the ones covered with choclate, banana and strawberry icing. I like dougnuts really much, but the problem is that you gain too much weight if you keep eating them XD

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
22.09.2008, 21:07
Yeah That Can Happen, But I Never Do No Mater How Many Doughnuts I Eat!

01.12.2008, 14:25
hmmm Krapfen stuffed with jam or vanilla cream *yummy*

The Sonic God
02.12.2008, 23:36
Dang... I come back to this old thread and now I'm hungry again...

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
04.12.2008, 20:58
Yeah That Happens, Its Called Psychosematic Affect, As You Read The Literature About What You Like To Eat, Then Your Lion Tummy Responds! Or As Froid Would Say, Its All In Your Head!
**Gives You a Doughnut**

The Sonic God
08.12.2008, 16:53

Yeah... but a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We rarely use our heads. ;)

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
19.12.2008, 21:33
Yeah I Can See That Too! Thats Why Us Girls Are Here, To Help You Use Your Heads!

The Sonic God
20.12.2008, 02:48
I might consider locking up this old topic... it is made of weird and pointless...

20.12.2008, 04:12
Oh don’t be such a spoilsport, SG. ;) All you ever seem to say is ‘this is an old topic, and must be closed’ or ‘I don’t see the point of this game’ or whatever. We’re all here to have fun. Why do you keep telling us off for having fun? That's the impression I'm getting. Who cares if it’s a little crazy? Lighten up. Anyway, you started this topic. ;)

Personally I don’t like doughnuts – I find them way too sweet.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
22.12.2008, 19:46
Yes Sonic Dont Let Your Logic Spoil The Fun!;)
Really All That Stress Cant Be Good For And Old-Er**Coughs/Giggles** Lion Like Your Self! Really Honey Lighten Up A Bit And You Might Actually Have Some Fun!;)

18.08.2009, 15:43
Mmm, dougnuts! I love the Krispy Kreme kind, also known as "Boston Creme" here in America. :)

The Sonic God
23.09.2009, 23:27
Man, I had a wonderful doughnut... well, it was actually a cinnamon roll... with cream cheese and German chocolate frosting.... *drool*

I want another one...

27.03.2010, 18:44
Right, the first thing I want to say is that I like doughnuts, but I don't love them. Secondly I didn't know there were so many types! To be honest with you, I'm eating a doughnut now, it's a raspberry jam one with sugar on the top. Yummmmmm