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The Sonic God
17.04.2007, 03:43
Ah, yes! A new compie! I am so happy... this thing has been an absolute dream come true. She's not the fastest:

Mac Mini Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz
Mac OS X 10.4.9
80GB Hard Disk
USB and Firewire

Lemme show you all: http://www.ultimategamers.org/temp/DCP_1405.JPG (800KB)

That's it. The little white box with the Apple logo. It's not like I'll be able to play Second Life on it, but I just might do that to satisfy an itch.

One itch I really needed to satisfy was to try out the iWeb program and make a webpage on some of my favourite pics at Anthrocon:


So, what do you all think? No, she's not the high end, but she's far better than what I had before! O_O;;

I can actually play YouTube videos now. :p

17.04.2007, 09:15
thats a very neat looking comp :) its always exciting getting a new one, you realise there is so much more you can do with a few more specs!

The Sonic God
17.04.2007, 20:54
I wonder if this thing is powerful enough to run SL... imagine the hours I'd waste! XD

17.04.2007, 23:10
Oh well, a nice machine.
Actually I was thinking about to buy my father one, but it's a lillte oversize for his requirements. But nevertheless it's a good work what apple did by creating it.

The Sonic God
18.04.2007, 00:33
Oversize? If anything, it's undersize! lol

18.04.2007, 00:49
I refer to the technical specifications. They are oversized, you know? :D

18.04.2007, 01:18
Soon everyone's going to be saying that you're "fuelling the evil that's Mr. Jobs"! In fact, people already say it and I don't mean pro-M$ people (cuz there are none :lol:)

Ah you know where I stand on Macs anyway TSG. You may recall :P

The Sonic God
19.04.2007, 04:11
It's the operating system that's important. The hardware can be anything. Build your own computer and hack it to put OS X on it for all I care.

It's just people wanting to get a tower with nothing in it for $300 is stupid. Expansion slots galore... people spending money over time is wasting *my* time, and I don't make squat doing that in sales. Get the machine you need now, Mac or PC, I don't care, just don't skimp on the details, or you will be frustrated.

Anyway, I'm on SL now, woohoo, my name is Sonicgott Zenovka. Sounds somewhere between Russian and German. lol

19.04.2007, 07:48
Awwww... It's an iToaster. :liontongue

And lol @ Single Speedo in the gallery. X*)~

The Sonic God
20.04.2007, 06:42
Well, now it is, since I put Roxio Toast 8 on there. ^^