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27.04.2007, 18:34
It took me a while to find one, but I'm pleased to announce my newest family member. :D

->Clicky!<- (http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d150/Cobalt027/000_0002.jpg)

Still working on a name for him. :p

27.04.2007, 18:37
Whoah, does he happen to be a siamese cat? 'cause he looks just like mine :D

As for the name...you better pick a cute one for such a cute lil' kitty ^^

The Sonic God
27.04.2007, 22:41
What a handsome cat. :)

Hmm... my knowledge in Asian names is quite limited, so I don't know how much help that I would be in naming your cat.

28.04.2007, 08:36
That's really sweet!
What kind of name do you want to pick? A foreign name or just a "normal cat's name"?

28.04.2007, 13:41
how gorgeous! he looks like hes a bit of an unusual coloured bengal, though my knowledge of cat breeds is limited (bad vet nurse :D)

hes so beautiful though, grats on your find/addition :)

29.04.2007, 06:29
I can only subscribe to the view of the others. He's really looking lovable. ;)

Mostly mad scientists or freaks call their pets after famous scientist of the past...like Schroedinger, or Heisenberg, but I like only the idea of that. Probably I will call my cat after Maxwell. :D
But I guess you are covered with name suggestions. ^^

30.04.2007, 16:08
Thanks everyone.

He is indeed a siamese mix, kind of a lilac point mix with an excellant personallity to go with his looks. With the help of some suggestions and a friend I managed to come up with a name for him that seems to fit how he looks, and goes along with things out here in general.

He's now going by the name "Tungsten" :p

30.04.2007, 16:38
hehe brilliant :D it makes a change from the bog standard kitty names! i like it!

03.05.2007, 06:01
That one's already taken. ;*)~ (http://fur-suit.org/?c=viewsuit&id=215)

03.05.2007, 09:29
A timon-like fursuit O_o'

THEY exists!

Oh and just out of curiousity... where does the name "Tungsten" actually come from and does it have a meaning or a person it refers to?

03.05.2007, 19:52
if my memory is correct Tungsten is a type of steel

03.05.2007, 22:21
Indeed Tungsten is just that. As an aside it's also apparently known as wolfram! :D (wiki teaches me much :P)

The kitties cute, but it does have a look of "I can smell your brain" about it in that pic... 8o

03.05.2007, 22:47
Ah, I know the word "Wolfram". Funny... it's a proper German first-name... ;)

The Sonic God
04.05.2007, 01:21
Originally posted by Kirauni
A timon-like fursuit O_o'

THEY exists!

Oh and just out of curiousity... where does the name "Tungsten" actually come from and does it have a meaning or a person it refers to?

Tungsten, formerly known as "Wolfram," is a metal used in the making of incandescent light bulbs, stove tops and some brands of bread toasters.

04.05.2007, 04:15
Prttey much as was pointed out, Tungsten is a silvery-grey steel. It's about the same color as my cat's face, ears and tail are, plus the light grey overcoat. The other referance on it ws more of an inside joke, since Cobalt is also a kind of steel itself. ;)

Alad: That's a good Fursuit. Don't think I've seen it before. (Kinda reminds me on Antimons)

05.05.2007, 06:33
A Timon-like fursuit O_o'

THEY exists!

That's a good fursuit. Don't think i've seen it before. (Kinda reminds me on Antimons)

This Antimon? (http://antimon.meerkats.org/gallery/My_fursuit)
And while we're on the subject of meerkat suits, how about Timduru's (http://fursuit.timduru.org/view/Other/Timduru/Timduru) or Laru's (http://www.whitefoxproductions.com/LJ/2007/March/Arend-Laru02.jpg) or DarkTorst (http://fursuit.timduru.org/view/Other/Darktorst)... and i can't think of any others... Oog. X*6~

07.05.2007, 16:38
Thatd be the same one.

I know of TImduru, but haven't met him. As for Laru and DarkTorst I've never enven heard the names. Only other Meerkat fursuiter I know of is Kenora. I'll have to see if I've got photos anywhere.

The Sonic God
11.05.2007, 15:09
I first met Antimon at OneFurAll, and for some odd reason, he first thought that I was going to be some arrogant jerk, and then thought differently of me when I met him in person.

I like Antimon. Good actor and fursuiter, and a good person on the inside. :)

12.05.2007, 18:00
Yeah, he's a good guy. He's a Fla. Fur so I've run into him at eventsa when I've been to Florida, and he came up once with a group to Atlanta for Fursuit Bowling on night. Very good, very funny fursuiter.