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05.05.2007, 12:44
After much time and thought, I finally decided it was time to do something to help my local zoo, Marwell. After all, my Dad had recently run in the “Leg it for Lemurs” race, as I mentioned in the Local Zoo’s (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=20812) thread (He came 53rd out of roughly 1000 runners, btw, which I think is pretty good considering he didn‘t get much time to train up for it), so I thought to myself: “Why don’t I do something too?”

So I’ve adopted a meerkat. :lion^_^ This cost me £250 for one years adoption and also included the obvious things like a thank you letter, certificate and animal fact sheet, of course, but also an Annual Review, the Marwell Zoo news magazine (which will now be coming to me regularly through the year), two admission tickets, my name on a “Thank you” board just past the entrance to the zoo and, the best bit, a chance to meet a keeper and a meerkat up close. :lionbiggrin I’m planning to do that later in the year, and I will naturally tell you about it when I do. :lionsmile

05.05.2007, 22:26
Wow Albus...a dream come true ? well a second dream... :P.
What can I say ? congratulations...^_^.
Oh...ure gonna be famous cos that name thing close to...errr..."gets confuzed"
Lucky...of course,ull take few pics ? :D

06.05.2007, 02:54
Lol! :lionbiggrin No I'm got going to be famous; it's just the zoo's way of saying "thank you" to everyone who donates. :lionwink

And of course I'll take pictures. :liontongue

06.05.2007, 20:16
ace! i had an adopted gecko at london zoo for a year for my 18th birthday, its nice to see ones name up for everyone to see, and get a chance to help the little crtter out with things.

awesome about the keeper-meeting too!

The Sonic God
07.05.2007, 03:21
Originally posted by Albus
Lol! :lionbiggrin No I'm got going to be famous; it's just the zoo's way of saying "thank you" to everyone who donates. :lionwink

And of course I'll take pictures. :liontongue

They have a similar ordeal at the Minnesota Zoo here, too. People who donate large sums of money have their names posted at the entrance. :)

07.05.2007, 16:35
Oooh, cool. COngrats on that. That sounds like a pretty good thank-you package they have going for that.

Can't wait to see pictures. :)

12.05.2007, 18:28
That's really great. I checked out the Zoo in Basel (Switzerland) which is very close to our hometown and they offer something similiar, too.
You can adopt a meerkat for around 400.00 SFr. (€ 266.67) a year.

I think adopting an animal is a good thing, but unfortunately I lack the money to do so. :lionsad

19.05.2007, 17:09
Congrats :D

All the meerkats at our local Zoo are already adopted as well as the Fennecs and I can't afford to adopt a Big Cat :(
And all you get it seems is your name printed on a piece of paper which is hung up at the announcement box at the main entry, no plate :P But that's okay I wouldn't want that the money I donate would go into buying a plate rather than supporting the zoo.. But I think you get a certificate..
Well and the adoption Program at the Zoo of Vienna just sucks because it is MAD expensive to adopt there... You get a plate next to the animal enclosure though, but... it's targeted to get firms and not private people as godfathers obviously..
The best adoption program in my opinion has the Duisburg Zoo. They have a kind of fest for a whole day just for godfathers/godmothers and you can get in touch with your adopted animal (as far as it is possible of course, they don't feed you to a tiger or something) :D

Another thing to support your local Zoo is to become Member of a supportive association (Förderverein), at least almost every Zoo in Germany has such an association which collects money and supports their Zoo with events at the Zoo, like organizing Family Days and stuff like that.

03.09.2007, 08:54
congrats they so tiny and cute lol (cant wait till i get my job with lions :) )