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06.05.2007, 03:45
I thought this might be useful for As Seasonís Change (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=24285). :)

Name: Lucas

Species: Meerkat

Age: 2 years

Bio: Lucas was once involuntarily involved in an attempt to assassinate the king of his homeland, Nagendra. He had befriended an Eastern Tiger snake called Mala, who had convinced all but one of Lucasí colony that she meant them no harm. After sometime, Lucas and Mala met the king, and the king let slip that his mate was due with a litter any day soon, and that the presentation would be the next morning. That night Lucas had been unable to find Mala anywhere. It wasnít until the night of the birth, of the kings new cubs, that Mala returned. She was not alone. She had brought with her Kali, a Black Mambas, who had only one thing in mind. The success of the assassination of the king. During the night, Lucas had the horror of finding out this plot after finding the alpha femaleís brother, Abioye, had been killed by Kali. Abioye had been the only one that hadnít trusted Mala. The alpha female sent Lucas to warn the king, which he did. The attempt failed with Kali being caught getting ready to strike, but managed to wriggle free before she could be killed. She had then targeted Lucas, wanting revenge, but in a moment of confused loyalty, Mala had dived in the way to save him. In surprise at biting her assistant, Kali fled the scene. Mala had been ill for hours, trying to fight off the poison. In her struggles for life, she was able to tell Lucas that she choose to save him - He was a good friend, better than Kali had ever been. She was also able to tell them that Kali had been hired to assassinate the king, but by whom she didnít know. Mala survived, after some help from the local shaman, but she and Lucas were banished from the lands by the king. She had said a hasty farewell to Lucas at the boarder, and had gone off in a different direction. Lucas now searches for her in the believe that she fled in shame of getting him banished too. However he denies that heís looking for her, even to himself, and goes by the goal of only wanting to survive.

Played by: Albus

Alex Kile
08.05.2007, 13:36
Sorry about not putting this up sooner but I forgot. Lion - Sad

Name: Alex kile

Species: lion

Age: 27

Bio: Has a sad past. He and his mate are raising his two cubs with the help of the pride.

Played by: Alex kile

Name: Shona

Species: lion


Bio: Shona died because of a curce put on her by an evil sharmon. When raffiki killed the sharmon. the curce was lifted. Alowing her to retun to the mate and cubs.

Played by: Alex kile

Name: John

Species: lion

Age: 10

Bio: A cheaky young cub John is the natural explorer. Though he enjoys playing tricks on the merekats in the pride. He will stalk and punce on any lizard or small insect that he can find. Because Alex is his father his metabolic rate is a lot less then a normal lion. because of this he is still a cub

John is Sarahs twin brother

Played by:

Name: Sarah

Species: lion

Age: 10

A cheaky young cub Sarah is very loyal and gentle. Thogh she does want to be with her father Alex as much as posible. She doesn't like to go to far from where she's been.

She is also Johns twin Sister. Because Alex is her father her metabolic rate is a lot less then a normal lion. because of this she is still a cub

Played by:Alex kile

Name: Simba

Species: lion


Bio: well you know

Played by: Alex kile

14.05.2007, 08:06
Name: Shadow

Species: lioness

Age: 6(lion years)

Bio: Shadow is a small cub that got lost and ran into Night, Kitten, and Jaky

Played by: KRoW

Name: Jaky

Species: African Wild Dog

Age: 11(dog years)

Bio: Jaky and kitten are twin sisters that left their pack because there wasn't enough food

Played by: KRoW

Name: Kitten

Species: African Wild Dog

Age: 11(dog years)

Bio: Jaky and Kitten are twin sisters that left their pack because there wasn't enough food

Played by: KRoW

Name: Night

Species: Meerkat

Age: 30 (meerkat years)

Bio: Night was sepparated from her group after she lost her pup and went looking for him

Played by: KRoW

17.05.2007, 15:11
Sounds great, KRoW. Please join us :)

Name: Kuthixo

Species: Lion

Age: adult

Bio: Kuthixo once belonged to the "White Velvet Pride". However this Pride has disapeared. Kuthixo looked far and wide for its members but to no avail. His journey led him to the Pridelands. Here, he finally met new friends and now belongs to Simba's Pride.

Played by: Kirauni

31.07.2007, 07:05

age: growing cub(will grow as time passes by)
species:lion (will grow into an orange main)

bio: newborn who injoys play and being around others and tries to lend a paw when he can.

31.07.2007, 17:00
Name: Kyra

Species: White Lioness

Age: young teen

Bio: Kyra lives with her mother's pride with her sister, Kali. She loves sneaking off and exploring the lands near her home. She is supposed to be the future Queen but her mother has not begun training her for the position.

Played by: Kyra

31.07.2007, 19:52
Name: Ultima

Species: Lion (M)

Age: Young Adult

Bio: Ultima has had a rough past. His mother and father were murdered when he was just a young cub. He ran away after seeing his mother die right before his eyes. He doesn't know what has happened to the rest of his home pride, but assumes that the same murderous lion has finished them off.

Played by: ultimaweapon463