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03.06.2007, 13:42
I'd like to introduce a new setting to you guys to play in, it would be something that would more natrually promote the sort of species variaty that is ideal for our purposes. Namely it would be a prehistoric version of Bhutan shortly after the last iceage. The reason for that would be that many of the cold weather species would still exist at mid-altitudes along with extensive temperate styled forest. Further down in the valleys there'd be jungle along the edges of any water sources, while the open plains would be dominated by savannah-styled grasslands and scrublands. On the other end the peaks would be dominated by the high mountain fauna and flora we know in modern times. Further down though we'd get a few more prehistoric animals as well as colder weather varients of our modern animals. If you have any other suggestions to improve the variaty of animals that could be found please make them here I'm open to suggestions.

04.06.2007, 23:24
Well, I'm no expert in prehistorical settings but it sounds interesting. However, I don't know which animals one could play and which not. Could you give some examples, please? All I can think of are creatues like the ones you can see in ICE Age the movie, but I bet there are many more possibilities...

Or are you interested in a normal english-speaking tiger RP by any chance?
If yes we could surely come up with something. And if people don't like the idea of a Tiger showing up in the African Savannah there is still the general Furry-themed RP in the Furry Forum where we could play. Although I don't think people would mind a tiger-based RP in this forum :lionwink

It depends on what you prefer :)

04.06.2007, 23:31
Yeah, that's what I was unsure about, too. I'm just not familiar with the whole prehistorical thing (although, as Kirauni said, it does sound pretty interesting

I would certainly be interested in a normal tiger/Indian-themen RP, though, as i wouldn't have to make up a new RP character for that either.

05.06.2007, 03:08
That's why there was an akward silence!

And to answer your questions you'd mainly get the same variaty of animals that we have now just in older more prehistoric versions. Tigers wouldn't have started down the road towards splitting off into sub-species yet and lions wouldn't have adapted quite so much for the savannah heat. Generally imagine more cold-weather versions of the animals we know and love. The decision to go prehistoric was mainly to affect the sort of vegetation that would be in the area as opposed to removing the possabilities to play modern animals.

05.06.2007, 15:20
Ah, I'm starting to understand.
As far as I know prehistoric animals were a kind of "mega-fauna", so basically they were a lot larger due to the cold climate.
Something like this could be fun, but I would have to make up a character first and this will need some time, as I'm very busy with my studies right now. But maybe I'll be ready within two weeks and then I could join you and Bacchi if you two decided to start a RP together.

However, I'm not really sure what you mean with this sentence.

The decision to go prehistoric was mainly to affect the sort of vegetation that would be in the area as opposed to removing the possabilities to play modern animals.

Especially the second part is hard for me to understand. I admit that I'm not as good in English as I used to be... So joining a roleplay game would be a good way to practise.
Until then could you please explain what you meant by your last sentence?

05.06.2007, 16:15
Kirauni: I think he meant that the reason for going prehistoric for him was that there would just be a greater variety vegetation, even though that would exclude being able to play as modern animals in return.
I might as well be wrong though, that's just what I got from it at a first glance.

Amur_Tiger: Thanks for going further into detail there, that really made things clear :)
So, all I have to do now is to make up a new character (you don't happen to have any links to what the species looked like back then?) and find the time to be posting frequently. Would you mind waiting those two weeks until Kirauni could stard posting? I might need them, too.

08.06.2007, 09:11
That's not quite it I'm afraid. ;) I'm making this setting for the following reasons:

1. Variety of vegetation and climates
2. Enabling people to play -any- modern animal that fits into the broad range of climates provided, albeit in more cold weather forms.
3. This is more of a side-benifit, but still nice, pre-historic animals would be welcome as well, though for the most part we'd see that they're dwindling out and giving way to the more modern animals. Among cats this would mainly be noticable in teeth, where modern cats have 4 large canines, pre-historic species tended to have 2 massive teeth. Both would be playable options (existing characters welcome) but the pre-historic ones would be hurting a bit at this point.

08.06.2007, 22:43
This really sounds promising. So we could be able to play existing characters as well. The question is: Which animal to play :D
I have to think of something.

Amur_Tiger, do you have a character for this prehistoric setting ready? Just to give Bacchi and me an idea what will await us ;)

09.06.2007, 12:29
I do have a character that could be jury-rigged into this setting, but I think I'll just make a new one since that tiger is rather more attached to his own setting, Siberia.
Thank you for the interest as well as it's helpful in determining whether or not to put the effort into this little project or doing other things. :)

16.06.2007, 09:59
This might be a little boring but.. could I play some sort of canine? Like a wolf perhaps?

17.06.2007, 16:59
This actually shows some promise. If I could ask, what time period are you looking at, more specifically? If I remember, the last Ice Age on the planet was something around 10,000 or so years ago, but did you have a more specific time frame in mind?

18.06.2007, 11:17
Probably just theend of the last ice age when modern animals were still getting settled into their niches and climates were still in flux. The reason for that being it enables more differing species to exist in close quarters without faking them outside of their habitat, allowing for more natural characters. As for what you can play, a wolf would be perfectly acceptable, just as any other modern animal would be.

19.06.2007, 03:20
I'd have to research the times a bit, but I have a Cheetah character that could use some development and use in an RP. I'm not sure when the species developed though, so I'd have to check that.

Unless you aren't picky of course.

19.06.2007, 17:06
I'm not going to be so picky as to restrict species from being around, just define some of the conditions they'd live in. I'd imagine Cheetahs would be extrodinarily rare shortly after an ice age as they wouldn't have fared well with the colder weather with their slim build.

20.06.2007, 20:25
Okay, so cheetahs would be rare... but you just said that any modern animal would be acceptable. :liono_O Again, I'm rather confused...
Aren't cheetahs "modern animals" ?

So there are limitations afterall, right?

28.06.2007, 03:35
O.o They'd be rare in the world as a whole, but I wouldn't stop anyone from playing one.