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07.06.2007, 05:34
Because I promised.

RP Title: Days Go By.

All are welcome in this ganeral Savannah RP. Classic characters are open to those with the passwords for them, and any new or old players are welcome and encouraged to join. See Cobalt for further Details. This is (loosely) detailed after the RP's "Memories" Lost Soul" and "Quests"

08.06.2007, 21:37
Name: Kuthixo

Species: Lion

Age: adult

Bio: Kuthixo once belonged to the "White Velvet Pride". However this Pride has disapeared for reasons not known to Kuthixo. After searching for them far and wise, he finally found his way back to the Pridelands.
There he met Dante and Alex and joined him their quest.
Now, some time passend and Kuthixo became a valuable member of Simba's Pride. Loyal to the king he does whatever he can to serve the pride well.

Played by: Kirauni

31.07.2007, 06:04

age: growing cub(will grow up as time passes)
species:lion(will grow orange main as he grows up)
bio: newborn who injoys play and being around others and tries to lend a paw when he can.