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27.06.2007, 22:15

can spend the night curled up with them without the slightest fear of attack.

No but I am sure this guy had already several scratches and bites on his body... Even if the cats didn't mean to do something to him ;P

Here's another Story from someone who worked many years with Big Cats (not an oh-so-sensational newspaper article, the link is safe, even if it leads to FA, lol):


27.06.2007, 22:42
Oh I know this guy already from this videos:


I have to admit that I really want to touch a Lion, but I never want that level of closeness, also I want to feel and play with them such as naturally as he does. But afterall it's still very dangerous and I guess this danger grows with the time he spends there. If you're only for one time careless or do not show the necessary respect for these creatures and they got you.

28.06.2007, 01:17
I think the third paragraph in that FA post pretty much explains why/how these people do what they do.

When you work with animals like this, you simple accept that there's a certain margin of risk. I accept the level of danger present.

It is pretty amazing. Not that I'd ever do it, heh. Wouldn't mind it, but I guess I don't have that sort of "accepting" attitude of danger.

28.06.2007, 07:25
It is pretty amazing. Not that I'd ever do it, heh. Wouldn't mind it, but I guess I don't have that sort of "accepting" attitude of danger.


Going into a Lion Enclosure with so many Lions screams for an accident sooner or later. x.x I love Big Cats but I also love my life ;P I think I wouldn't risk it to this level..

The Sonic God
29.06.2007, 05:58
Take a look at this video:


Yes, it's a lioness with a bowling ball. But why is this video important? Listen to the audio. That bowling ball is 16+ lbs (7 kilos). The sounds from hitting the cage echo in the video. That kind of gives you an idea of her strength.

Don't mess around with lionesses.

29.06.2007, 10:57
Aaw, how cute...

It's really a good idea to give her a bowling ball to play with, it's something a Big Cat can't destroy after 3 minutes =) A pitty this wouldn't work at our local Zoo because the Big Cats are kept on bark mulch. (Which is better for the hygiene anyways)

29.08.2007, 21:44
is there any contact info on kevin i didnt see anything on the site in the 1st post? if not does anyone know how to contact him ?

The Sonic God
30.08.2007, 05:12
Kevin Richardson is like the Steve Irwin of lions... He really knows what he's doing. It's amazing that he could even nurture lions to have them behave to his will... almost.

Trust is built up over a lifetime... hate is built up in an instant.

30.08.2007, 07:07
Mh...Justin? Do you think this is such a good compare? x'D

And Sai, no I don't know you to contact him. Sry, but if you are intend to ask him to have contact in the same way he does, than I guess this is your best chance:

And here is Report and a lot more if you like:

I will also try, only for once, to go there. Maybe summer next year, when I have enough time.

30.08.2007, 07:36
I feel the same way. *Almost* any animal under a year old (preferably under or around 6 months) I can bond with. My dog trusts me and I also treat her like a person. She had puppies and I named one Zack (I have could NOT think of anything else). He was the only one not sold (like I wanted to sell any of them...) and he is a literal clown, but I don't know if Lil or Zack loves me more... My mom has kittens around a year and I have only been around them thrice, but they love me more that her o.O... I also have a hummingbird feeder and since I have dogs, they are used to barking, but I can go very close to them. I have developed a big bond with the birds for two reasons:
I have had it for a bit more than two weeks and there are two hummingbird "families" in the surrounding trees, and I don't have a way to tell them apart.
It is my dream to have a reliable animal friend that will never let me down (that is, bigger than 2 dachshunds...)

That was long...

31.08.2007, 22:06
i wouldnt mind a job on the harnas but ist voluntary right? no pay?

31.08.2007, 22:34
On the contrary, my friend. You have to pay for it. It's strange, I know, but it's an unique experience. ^^

31.08.2007, 22:40
Tourists in this Country of Africa are not allowed to have direct contact with wild animals anymore, so I doubt that you will have direct contact if you are not a working guest.

The Sonic God
02.09.2007, 05:45
Kinda sucks, really... I would give up so much to touch a lion just one time.

03.09.2007, 08:44
yea i know you'll never forget the 1st time i have patted a lioness when i was about 14 i it was my b-day and i asked the zoo keeper or whatever he was if i could see an animal so i naturly asked for lion :) so he brought me to one of the best tamed lioness the zoo had she didnt seem to care i was there tho lol but it was pretty great tho (kinda why i wanna do something like that as i get older) i may want to be zoo keeper or have some direct contact with animals so im hoping i can somehow get in contact with kevin but still i have found nothing no leads to contact him if anyone could track him down i'll be very greatful :)

The Sonic God
03.09.2007, 16:58
The closest I myself have ever been to a lion was through a giant glass window... same with tigers.

They're so beautiful.

03.09.2007, 21:18
only a few inches away but yet miles away i know it sucks