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02.07.2007, 04:15
I'm sure there are stranger things out there (some have probably been posted here at some point), but this does seem like quite an odd little thing:
http://www.mnh.si.edu/exhibits/natures_best_2006/gallery/humpbackwhaleanddolphin.html (read the blurb below the pic)

Anyone got any others? :)

The Sonic God
03.07.2007, 18:28
Dolphins and whales don't get along as far as I know... that's a humpback... Orcas, however, are enemies of dolphins.

Lone Lion
03.07.2007, 19:59
Since I watch animal planet all the time , I can tell you that I've seen even stranger things , like lioness protecting small gazelle from other lions or leopard and small baboon.

11.07.2007, 19:23
<rummages through his files for the picture of the Fox and the Eagle>

I'll have to find this one...

Nice pics btw