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The Sonic God
18.07.2007, 04:28

Crazy if I do say so myself. ^^ Eventually, the female hyena gave up on laughing like a hyena and just said "LOLOL." XD

22.07.2007, 03:34
That's great. I met the one with the brownish-green fur, not sure who the other one was.

The Sonic God
22.07.2007, 05:19
The male hyena was Yappy Fox, I believe. Same guy who started the fursuit parade.

23.07.2007, 19:35
Oooh yeah. I know Yappy. He's from down in Florida. Works for Disney World if I remember rightly.

You missed the fursuiters (myself included) taking over downtown Pittsburgh late Sunday night around 10-ish. Wish you'd been able to see it. We came upon this one park midway through our walk and posed for a few photos (both from our group and passing cars) when this loudspeaker near us started playing Elton John's "Circle of Life." All the suiters started slowly migrating towards the speaker in a zombie-like trance liek it was a source of life or something; once and for all proving that TLK *is* in fact a driving force in the fandom. :p

The Sonic God
09.08.2007, 06:52
That's almost.... sad... XD

Yeah, maybe missing that was a good thing. lol

09.08.2007, 08:10
omg that was so great lol i love those guys hehehehehehe lolol

The Sonic God
10.08.2007, 20:16
To think that I totally missed out on that...

10.08.2007, 20:44
i so wish i could go but i need a suit ive never been before umm where is it lol

The Sonic God
12.08.2007, 18:56
Anthrocon is located in Pittsburgh. It is split between the Westin Hotel and the David L. Lawrence Convention Centre.

Not everyone fursuits. Even though we have over 350 fursuiters, our attendance was past 2800. So, in ratio, there are not that many fursuiters.

12.08.2007, 19:56
thanks for the info but i still want to suit if id be going tho

The Sonic God
13.08.2007, 03:30
Keep in mind that Anthrocon is huge... my first time suiting there was a tremendous experience, both positive and negative. Stay hydrated at all costs... water depletes from your body more rapidly than you think.

13.08.2007, 18:45
well i would think so since it should get hot under all that fur