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06.08.2007, 22:20
Hello, I used to come here a long time ago (old username is jon1125) I haven't RPed in a long time and would love to again... here's some info on my character and the RP I'm starting.... I don't want to seem like I'm imposing on anyone because I'll be honest, I tried starting this RP on another forum but it just never got responded to...

Name: Levin
Birthplace: Okavango
Age: Adolescent
Description: Fur color: Tawny. Mane: still has a ways to develop fully, brown in color. Eye color: Blueish-green. Paw-toe color: brown. Tail tuft color: black
Background: As a cub his entire pride was killed (or so he thought) and he managed to just barely escape, living and trying to fend for himself during his childhood. ..After about a year and a half passed it wasn’t then until he finally found refuge at a place called the pride lands. He met several friends, joined a pride (the mizaati mara pride) and even found a mate…just recently everything was taken from him yet again, although, this time it wasn’t death that had taken everything from him, yet it was an unknown force that was preventing him from entering the pride lands..all alone again without a pride, friends, or a mate..the young lion still found the courage to continue onward, hoping that maybe someday he can return to his pride. .. Shortly after leaving the pride lands Levin had come across a human, strangely enough he and the human traveled together and became good friends. The two had also crossed The Desert of the Forgotten and found yet another traveling companion named Chaka (another one of my characters) Once out of the desert, Levin had a sudden urge to return to the Okavango, something seemed to be calling him to there..his two friends had no obligations and so the three left on an adventure back to Levin’s homelands. When they reached the Okavango Levin had discovered that not all of his pride perished, his sister, Sierra, was still alive. Levin’s luck seemed to have turned the day he found his sister..of course she joined the three and they set forward to leave the Okavango. A few weeks had passed after that event when one night, Levin was thinking to himself, something still seemed to be calling to him, he felt a sudden premonition that he had to journey forth on his own…he felt bad for leaving his friends and his sister but he knew deep down inside he could always find him again. As Levin was about to leave the group that night he didn’t realize that Leon(the human...more info on him later, his real name is Jon but only Levin knows him by this name) was still awake, Leon questioned what Levin was doing and he explained to Leon that he must go on by himself. Leon told him that he would explain everything to the group in the morning and that they would meet him back at the Okavango when he returns…And so, he continued onward into the night, with nothing but the wind to guide him. (Note: this is just a little bit of background, I do plan on writing a short story that will be a little more detailed on all of this when I find the time, I just don’t know how long it will take)

10.08.2007, 19:54
Ok I've got about 1/3 of the background info done. Does anybody know of a site where I can post a bunch of text? that way once I'm done with the short story I can post it on here.

10.08.2007, 19:59
name: Sai

age:male lion cub( will go as time passes)

birthplace pride lands

25.08.2007, 19:22
I'm finally done with my story...only one problem though. I made an account on Deviantart so I could post the text. My story is too big and wont fit and I'm not really sure what to do right now to post it, can someone who uses deviant art help me out? or maybe give me a suggestion on a different site to post a lot of text on.

26.08.2007, 20:26
nevermind, I figured out that I had to split it up into two different parts. Poth parts of my story can be found here:


Eva Janus
28.09.2007, 06:06
That's kewl but you could always post the story on lionking.org or even fanfiction.net if you rly wanted. That's where i have my fanfics anyway. Just email your story to Brian at lionking.org and he'll post it.

But anyway, i suppose this is where i shall post info on my character once i get it all done, right?

28.09.2007, 16:58
you should just post it here just double post to fit all of it

Eva Janus
29.09.2007, 17:56
Well for the record, I suppose I shall post this to make it known. But yeah, I'll be RPing for Sierra, Levin's sister, until the tome comes for me to introduce another character.

29.09.2007, 19:44
That's kewl but you could always post the story on lionking.org or even fanfiction.net if you rly wanted. That's where i have my fanfics anyway. Just email your story to Brian at lionking.org and he'll post it.

Thanks for the advice Eva, I'll probably end up posting it there once I revise it and such (when I get around to it I dunno but I will do it eventually hehe)

Just so everyone knows, I shall be RPing as Levin, Leon, and Chaka.

29.09.2007, 22:09
Hi there, I'm going to RP here too
I'm still working on a background story for my characters, but here they are for you to know.

I'll mainly RP as a cub named Lune, but I'll occasionally play as a hornbill too, named Gantu.
I'll introduce them both in my first post