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The Sonic God
08.08.2007, 03:22
In case you were wondering why I have not been online for the last week, it was because I have moved into a new home in New Brighton, MN with a roommate (anyone here know a fur named Arren Jeveleth?) Anyway, I now have cable internet (the 8mbps kind, not the crappy one), and now I have the freedom to put whatever I want on my walls. XD

Anywho, if any of you have my mailing address and want my new one, send me an E-mail. My Earthlink E-mail address is still active.

08.08.2007, 13:21
Whats wrong with the old Brighton? ;)

nice one man, hope you enjoy yourself there :)

08.08.2007, 15:29
Congrats :)

The Sonic God
09.08.2007, 05:41
Moving is expensive and tiresome... I hope to not do this again for a long time. X_X