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09.08.2007, 19:41
isnt there any laws against hunting lions and such in the wild? i hate hunters with a passion because how would u fell if u had a gun to your face for no reason its same deal with humans there should be a law about this

this is mostly where im coming from we need to stop this


even tho he got away this should never have happend

09.08.2007, 23:55
Oh yes, that's indeed very depressing to see. And I can absolutely feel with you and that's warrantable questions, too.
My heart is bleeding while I see those people doing this only for fun and how they congratulate each other. Unfortunately this looks like they are only hunting tourisms, so it's unlikley that someone can do something about it. Only in parks or protected areas exits afaik effective guards and ranger, who protect the animals within against chasers. Another point is, that most of the contries have a lot of other problems besides animal welfare, so they have no restricitve laws, or no one who enforce this against them. :(
But I'm not sure about current developments and international protection of endangered animals, but if - when they exist - I guess these, most rich, or very poor people, who need the money or the thrill of the chase respect this laws are unlikley, too. :(

But I hope someone can tell something more about it. :) It's an interessting topic, that needs much more public attention, when we want watching lions and other animals in rl and wild nature...

The Sonic God
10.08.2007, 02:04
Anything that has two eyes and walks is hunted for these days. :(

10.08.2007, 08:23
basicly but i mean say a lion male was shot killed by a hunter thats ruins the family and possibly the whole pride not to mention he may have had cubs we need more people like kevin richardson i wish i could do what he is doing

Koko Lion
29.02.2008, 22:15
Sorry to bring this topic to the top

There are so many private hunting outfitters in this country, it is such a profitable business. Tourism through hunting makes a huge percentage of this country's income, so I doubt it's going away anytime soon. Although there are very strict laws and procedures a hunting outfitter must follow.

I know lots of hunters and they aren't the cruel barbaric type most people think they are, they are keen dedicated conservationists. They don't like killing, I've seen hunters saying I quick prey with the other trackers after a hunt. They know the money made from that hunt will be used to pay the anti-poaching units, research, maintaining the fences, caring for orphaned animals so on and so on.

Hunters won't just shoot the first animal that crosses there sights. The hunter should know the area and animals well, or a ranger of the park should be present. This will make sure there is no collapse in the biodiversity of the area.

So it's not something everyone likes (Including me), but I've seen the devastation that can occur if there wasn't some means of control.

I just have a feeling this could start something...sorry in advance