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22.08.2007, 09:35
id like to get in contact with this man he is my idle and id love to work under ive saved up quite a but of money also im prepared to move to work under as his apprentice to learn what he has to offer into the world of predators id be working with lions every day and possibly have a relatsionship like he has with tao and napolion(i think thats how its spelt) anyways i have no idea how to get into contact with him does anyone have any ideas im sure almost everyone on this forum knows who Kevin is if not heres a clip of him


22.08.2007, 11:30
not actually knowing who this man is, but does he have an official site? perhaps there is contact info on there. Or a specific place he maintains that would have an address you can post a letter to?

22.08.2007, 11:40
Aaaaw, Lion Cuddles (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=24712)
When you used the forum search, maybe you'll find this thread here, where we already diskuss about this guy. ;)
There I have told something about it and what I think about him, so I save it. Perhaps you find new helpful informations there. ^^

18.01.2011, 20:08
Somebody have seen "White Lion" movie from his production?

More at his personal homepage.

I'm seriously thinking about order his book and movie but I have to get new credit card first. :D

The Sonic God
03.05.2011, 19:30
I too would like to meet that man one of these fine days. :D