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The Sonic God
23.09.2007, 17:10
Okay, Apple made a big mistake by choosing AT&T as its provider in the United States. Most customers that I talk to about the iPhone says that the iPhone is a wonderful device, working exactly if not better as what the customer had expected.

In Germany, they're going to go a different route. Apple and T-Mobile (a much better carrier, IMHO) are going to be working with each other. The iPhone debuts in Germany on November 9th. It is a bit away, but I think that Germany will be really impressed with the iPhone, however, the price might not be what people are looking for.

In the USA, the iPhone started at $499 for the 4GB, and $599 for the 8GB. Months later, Steve Jobs had rid of the 4GB model altogether and stuck with the 8GB model, and priced it down to $399. I have no idea what the pricing is going to be in Germany.

So, here's a link: http://www.apple.com/de/iphone/

So, what's everyone's opinion on the iPhone? Do you own one? If so, do you like it? If you don't own one, would you buy it? If not, why?

I'd like some elabouration on this. I myself do not yet own an iPhone (nor have I owned any iPod for that matter). Sure, there's reviews, but I'd like to hear what my friends have to say.

24.09.2007, 13:21
hope T Mobile are better in germany than they are in the UK :P i've heard friends have nothing but trouble with them.

the iphone comes out in the uk in november (on O2), and i cant say im excited at all - i have a phone (sony ericsson k800i), i have an ipod. no real need for both at the same time. I dont need the internet when im out - thats one of the reasons i leave the house, so i am not stuck on the net! also, I am assuming you have to be on a contract to use one - i use barely 20 pay-as-you-go every couple months on my mobile so to up the costs for me would be pointless

it looks very cool and all - i wouldnt say no if i was given one, but i dont have any desire to actively buy one myself.