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02.10.2007, 17:02
me personaly i dont care to much for zoo's because they are taking the animals out of their natural habitat and i think they should be released into the wild or at least if they must be in a zoo give them a game course so they arnt basicly caged in with little living space outdoor and inside i do enjoy going to see the lions but i dont think they enjoy having people look in on them like that every day makes me feel kinda sry for them but i still love to watch them but they are not something to just be behind glass and/or fence they deserve to be free out in wild or a game course a game course would be god for them but i say either that or let them be free

thats just my thoughts whats yours?

The Sonic God
02.10.2007, 19:25
Zoos have their purpose. It isn't just for "displaying" God's creatures, but the animals cared could be part of a programme that would protect the animals from certain danger. Cubs raised in captivity or animals that have been abused are provided protective sanctuary at the zoos, where they are well fed and given things to do and a place to sleep.

Most zoos comply with this, however, other zoos are in need of major improvements.

08.10.2007, 02:31
Zoos serve several functions. They are of course entertainment -- of a class along with freak shows. They also serve as a repository for endangered species to ensure that we always have those specimens even if they don't exist in the wild any more. Many zoos (and some circuses) serve as breeding centers to help restore the natural populations by raise and release programs.

Unfortunately many of the exhibits in the zoos serve one simple purpose -- and it may be the most important purpose that zoos will ever serve. They give you a reference and a mental image to tie in with all those endangered species reports. Would hearing that tigers are an endangered species affect us nearly as much if we had never seen one? If it were just a name in a book?

I remember visiting the "big cat house" at a zoo when I was a child and seeing panthers and leopards pacing back and forth in enclosures no larger than my bedroom at home. The current zoo exhibits that attempt to more closely mimic their natural habitat are still quite small compared to the animal's actual habitat but exponentially improved over what they had 30 years ago.

16.10.2007, 17:09
for that reason i say they should have larger living space a game course is a few miles but i dint think the zoo's can do that but they should expand the living space because they dont do anything they get up and the adults sleep and the cubs play they never go anywhere in the wild they can work as a pride maybe hunt be a real pride not just sleeping all day in a zoo thats not a pride thats a lazy lion