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The Sonic God
05.10.2007, 22:37
Ah, the birth of the Emoticon. (EE-moah-tih-KAHN) I'm sure everyone remembers this one:

;-) (Common winking smiley)

That was invented by IBM years ago. Since then, thousands of emoticons have spawned. I'll list as many as I can. Then, what you must do is respond with your own emoticon, either one well known or one you made up for yourself. Tell us what it is, followed by a description. (Disable smileys before posting.)

:) Common smiley. Usually indicates someone is in a good mood, or is happy with your comment or the conversation.

;) Winking smiley. Indicates one is particularly pleased. However, the icon can also represent sarcasm.

:( Sad. Indicates one is upset with the current situation, or is apologetic.

>:( Angry. One is frustrated or obviously angered about something you said, or a particular situation.

:@ Pacified. An expression of goofiness. Meanings can vary.
^_^ Animé smiley. Same effect as a common smiley.

^____^ Stressed animé smiley. Indicates a person is very pleased.

O_O Shocked or surprised. Self-explanatory.

o_O Confused. What you said didn't make sense. Clarify the situation. Can also be a reaction to something very strange or awkward.

@_X Horribly confused. Don't bother explaining. This person won't get it. Can also be a response to something abnormal.

%) Giddy. Person could be drunk. Could also mean that they've decided to be goofy.

(: Left-handed smiley. Same effect as a smiley, but person has also indicated that they might be left-handed (south-pawed).

:3 Embarrassed. Could also represent shyness.

:$ Put your money where your mouth is. Indicates that one should take action about a given situation rather than just talk about it.

Any other ideas?

06.10.2007, 12:39
The common smiley was 25 years old this year. Impressive :)

The Sonic God
07.10.2007, 05:50
Is that right? I didn't even know that... wow

08.10.2007, 03:36
:s Confused or unsure.

^^ Another variant on the general smile. (Smiling eyes)

XD Laughing. I'm surprised this one didn't make it in here yet.

=^.^= Felines anyone?

The Sonic God
19.10.2007, 06:23
>^.^< Feline smile.

=~.^= Winking feline.

14.12.2007, 18:03
(`,`) sasuke's sharrigan ^^

The Sonic God
14.12.2007, 20:25
$_$ Greedy, or wanting money.

¬.¬ A way of saying, "yeah, whatever."