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The Sonic God
10.10.2007, 21:43
This is a bit tricky, but I'm actually typing on the iPod touch! Cool, isn't it?


10.10.2007, 22:01
i want one of the babies. they are blummin cool!

but it needs a bigger capacity for me because I already occupy 17gb on my old pod with my cd collection - if i want it to have other things too then ive got a problem!

10.10.2007, 22:19
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this no iphone? O.o

10.10.2007, 22:55
sexy :3

I want one!

The Sonic God
11.10.2007, 19:07
Originally posted by s-tlk
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this no iphone? O.o

The interface is the exact same thing as the iPhone. However, you lack a camera, lack bluetooth connectivity, and you don't have a phone (obviously.)

We just got these iPod touches in stock, and people have been requesting them to no end. I do hope that we sell more!

Nobody has the authority to sell the iPhone except for AT&T Corporate Stores, T-Mobile corporate stores (Europe only), and the Apple Store. Neither Micro Center, nor any other Apple-affiliate can sell the iPhone.