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The Sonic God
27.10.2007, 04:09

I think this new Mac OS is pretty cool! Just minutes into using it, all of my old applications still work with it, and it's smooth as silk. ^^

27.10.2007, 11:19
Wow, it's looking very nice. I hope it is as stabe as the old OSX and they reduced these eye-candy effects. *g*
I'm just thinking to buy the family package, because at university we have quite a lot of other OSX users, so each can safe 80 Eur.. Although I doubt that this new release improves performance on my old G4 Powerbook. I guess the new OSX is optimated for Intel CPU's, not necessarily for PowerPC, but Jobs promises that all new are running faster than the old ones... We'll see.

The Sonic God
28.10.2007, 01:12
System Requirements:

G4 (867MHz+), any G5, or any Intel processor
512MB RAM (minimum)
9GB hard disk drive space

I recommend at least a 1GHz+ processor, and 1GB of RAM.