Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Eisner says, "Blame Steve Jobs."

The Sonic God
09.11.2007, 02:45
Okay, I *really* can't explain this one... you have to read it for yourself:


22.01.2008, 02:04
Michael Eisner is a nobody and has been a nobody since 2005 when he lost his job at Disney to Bob Iger. He's just trying to take these jabs at Steve Jobs because he's jealous that he couldn't take Jobs down with him when he was stripped of his position as CEO. He's a corporate tool who's envious of Jobs because he's still on the Board of Directors for Disney.

The Sonic God
22.01.2008, 03:13
You make a good point.

Steve Jobs' success comes from his ability as a leader. (He only gets paid $1 per year by Apple.)