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05.12.2007, 21:35
For all Wolf-Fans out there, this could be interesting.

A company is currently working on a wolf simulator in 3D where you can play a wolf.
This game is aimed at younger children to teach them something about wolves, but it seems interesting none the less. The graphics may be a little out of date, but I'm curious what will become of this game.

Visit the official website:

And a demo is also availabe here:

06.12.2007, 11:32

i have a really old game called... argh I cant remember, but its a wolf simulation, and basically have to just go around living like a wolf. I also have a lion one which i used to play more, but i cant for the life of me remember their names. Ill try investigate!

06.12.2007, 16:03
wow upon futher reading this is really impressive - and for free! im definately keeping my ear to the group for the release :)

and im being really dense, but the games i had wer called Wolf and Lion respectively! lol

06.12.2007, 16:11
I know the games "Lion" and "Wolf" by Sanctuary Woods. I used to play them very often. They are in 2D and I still like those games very much.
The only problem is that there is no multiplayer mode and you cannot modify your wolf or lion very much.
This new game looks however is different. It looks very promising because it comes with a multiplayer mode and you can also name your wolf :)

06.12.2007, 18:07
wow that looks amazing anyone know when its supposed to come out? the only wolf game ive played and still playing is OKAMI very fun game as you live as a wolf god who is supposed to save the earth by obtaining the power of the other 13 gods something like that sometimes i just like to run around in the field cause its so fun lol i think this game is perfect for me because me like many others here are furry but yes again anyone know the date or suspected date of release?

06.12.2007, 19:40
Cool find Kirauni, that game does look very interesting and I might have to get it when it comes out =)

Sai: If you check around the website they had the release date posted, I'm pretty sure it's Dec. 20th unless they changed it.

12.12.2007, 20:04
Yay! According to the official website, the game will be released on December, 20th.

Can't wait to try it out :)

22.12.2007, 11:38
Well, from what I know it has not been released yet. And on top of that, the homepage seems to be offline now O_o

Rather... strange.

22.12.2007, 13:14
dont worry kir:

We apologize for the site outage on December 21st. We are setting up a new server to handle the extraordinary interest in WolfQuest. In the meantime, the Community forum is offline. We appreciate your patience during our growing pains.


and looks like you can download now!

22.12.2007, 16:13
Strange... I don't get this error message at all. But actually, they set up the new server :)


There you can download the game.

23.12.2007, 15:39
I downloaded the game, but it doesn't work for me. I can make a character, but after that it freezes.

But I really want to play! It's so customizable and there is even a multiplayer mode, where you can play with people from online.

23.12.2007, 16:50
Did you check the system's requirements? Perhaps your computer is not able to run the game properly. Hopefully, the support board of the game will be online soon and then you can ask your questions there. Maybe they are able to help you :)

08.01.2008, 14:08
has anyone tried this game yet?

i havent managed to get round to downloading yet because ive been so busy... maybe this weekend :)

08.01.2008, 16:34
I downloaded it and tried to play it but it crashes after I make a character. I checked the forums about the problem and so far this has happened with most anyone who uses Windows Vista (I'm using it too) hopefully they'll figure out a way to work around the problem.

07.04.2008, 16:13
well i've been very busy lately and have had no time for this thus far but has anyone tried the game yet im wonderinf if its still worth the download?

Lone Lion
09.04.2008, 23:09
Man , this game looks awesome !!! I have no net home but I'll find out more about it ... If anyone wish to play the old ones you can download them here for free since they are abandonware ...