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06.12.2007, 18:44
After checking out that wolfquest game Kirauni posted it made me remember about this game, it's similar in regardless that it's about wildlife. The game Endless Ocean is coming out sometime in January for the Wii - here's a link for a trailer (the first one on the list) http://www.gamespot.com/wii/adventure/foreverblue/media.html?tag=tabs;videos

To be honest it looks like this game has some of the best graphics I've seen so far for the Wii. The actual gameplay as far as I've read is something like this - you're a diver who get's to explore many different types of oceans, trying to discover things and write new species that you find along the way in your logbook. It's really just one of those relaxing games where you don't have to worry about getting killed or anything like that =P

09.12.2007, 16:42
Seems really interesting. Unfortunately, I don't have a Wii (yet).
It's still very expensive over here and I probably wouldn't have the time to play some games right now.

But the concept is rather nice and I've never seen anything similar before.
At first I thought you get to play a dolphin or something like that ;)
But as you said you are a diver exploring the ocean, right?
I think this can also be a lot of fun and is probably a good way to relax.

10.12.2007, 17:00
your in the ocean right cant you be eaten by sharks in this game ? lol

10.12.2007, 21:29
it does look very impressive! though i thnk its one of those games id rather try before i bought it. it is a eally intereting concept though, one of the more serious games fr the wii, whereas most of the seem a bit silly.

i might check it out :)