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The Sonic God
18.12.2007, 21:30
Okay, be serious on this one, please. No responses like "loads of money" or "world peace." Just think of one thing off the top of your head that you could definitely use.

I'd sure like to have a fursuit... not going to be this Christmas, but I can be a wishful thinker. ^^

18.12.2007, 23:52
I wanted a new digital camera for christmas... and I got it!

I know it's early but I needed to guarantee it got here and I have it set up by christmas, as the day after I am flying to South Africa for a holiday! So you see why I need a good camera - need to make sure I can capture all the cool animals and whatnot ;)

It's the Panasonic Lumix fx33 and its amazing.

19.12.2007, 11:16
You know you could really make me jealous, Reeps? Aww... visiting Africa sounds so great!
Make sure to show your photos with us! I'd love to see them :)

As for me... I don't have any particular wishes. Really.
All I can think of are my exams at the moment and so I don't think I can enjoy this year's Christmas very much. I'll try though ;)

On top of that, I already got my Christmas present on my birthday. My husband and some of my friends bought me the complete DVD Collection of the "Jungle Book anime" series. (That is "Shonen mowgli (http://www.dschungelbuch-die-serie.de/Fanart/Minaki3.jpg)", if anyone knows this anime) It's a rather old but fascinating anime adaption of the Jungle Book with lots of wolves in it. :lionlove
The DVDs came from Japan because you don't can't get them here in Germany at all. However in Japan, DVDs are really, really expensive!
But as said, for my birthday and Christmas present they actually bought me the whole collection! I was so surprised and happy at the same time.

So I don't expect something special this Christmas.

19.12.2007, 17:56
honestly for me i dont need anything but im not sure but i think theres a ps3 under my tree 8-) but the thing ive realy wanted for awhile would have to be kh2fm+

19.12.2007, 19:33
I don't have any wishes for this Christmas and this makes me worried... Maybe I will get a pullover, a hair-band or other unnecessary things... :liongrumpy
But I'll get some nice things to. For example internet on my own PC in my room and a stuffed wolf. =)

22.12.2007, 05:10
Let's see I want... wait nope.. got that..

How about... nope can't say that.. it will give me away..

Um.. how about I'd like to know the next few months aren't going to be as bad as I think they will be.

The Sonic God
24.12.2007, 16:13
Surely there has to be something that you want, Silbluak.

24.12.2007, 18:30
There's something. I want to be able to afford the things I need and the place when I move out soon.

Other then that just a nice peaceful holiday.

The Sonic God
25.12.2007, 01:02
Well, can't go wrong with another day to relax on.