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Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 15:17
this is not a spam....I just want to know if anyones hotmail is not working at the moment.. every time I try to log in it gives me service unavaiable.. if anyone can tell me if theres does the same thing please tell me

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 15:31
.....it pissing me off ~sighs and tries to calm down..~ why me

26.02.2008, 15:45
Chill, Rex. It's not just you. MSN is buggy at the best of times. I expect they're working on something. Again. :rolleyes:

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 15:49
I guess so.. I am just hopeing that it does not have it later that it would be ready later

26.02.2008, 16:04
Well MSN seems to be working again now. :) They like their down time, don't they? :P

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 16:06
its not working still ..heh

26.02.2008, 16:09
*topic moved to general discussions since this is not Lion King-related*

Well as for me, I don't have MSN and I don't know what's wrong either. Sorry.

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 16:28
yea sorry about that I was looking for that as well.. and could find it

26.02.2008, 16:34
my msn messenger is down too... though the service status says the system is up and running. oh well.

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 16:39
HEH it pissing me off but it starting to come back up

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 19:25
then again it doing it again XD

Rex Haven
26.02.2008, 20:27
iiiitttssss upppppp

Rex Haven
27.02.2008, 15:05
heh well msn is back up .. heh

The Sonic God
28.02.2008, 04:02
Microsoft messenger has been having frequent login problems, especially for me, and I use Adium, not Microsoft's client.

There really isn't much that can be done until Microsoft's network engineers get off their duffs.