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Lone Lion
21.03.2008, 22:40
Hello there , I found this cool Elvish name generator , so if you had ever wondered yourself what your elvish name would be .... here's your chance !!! ( The elves in The Lord of the Rings )


My Elvish name is :

Elessar Ringėril

22.03.2008, 08:48
Interesting :)
Surely our letters are converted somehow, but isn't "real" elvish different? Oh well anyways it's a very nice.

My name would be
Lśthien Carnesīr

BTW: in the FAQ-section of the translator you can read how this translator works. Just in case you're interested.

And here you can learn about our Hobbit name:

Mine would be: Ivy Loamsdown of Deephallow :D

22.03.2008, 10:38

josh down = Findarįto Elanessė

The Sonic God
27.03.2008, 06:46
Findecįno Silimaurė

Ours are strikingly similar, Josh.

My Hobbit name is Olo Brambleburr of Bindbale Wood.

Explain that one to me.

27.03.2008, 14:07
hmm... josh down = bolo hardbottle.

again, first names appear to be similar. lol

Lone Lion
09.04.2008, 23:20
My hobbit name : Till Sackville-Baggins
Hmm , I guess our names don't take much place in transformation ....

10.04.2008, 00:24
hmm ok elvish name is

Finrod Celebrindal

and hobbit would be

Mungo Bumbleroot of Fair Downs