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The Sonic God
25.03.2008, 03:47
Alright, just ranting here, nothing special, I don't consider this General Discussion, because I expect people to randomize this a lot.

What the heck have I bought in the last month...

Airline ticket: $466
Hotel: $588.50
Supersponsorship @ Anthrocon: $175
Fursuit: $2,415
Car insurance: $380
Artwork: $31

Total? $4,055.50

I am insane. I've been splurging like nothing else here. And this isn't it. I've also made plans to visit Midwest Fur Fest for the first time ever in November. Who knows what that'll cost? lol

Anyone else spent as much as I did this month?

30.03.2008, 16:54
wow and I thought I was high at over $1k for two months in a row (not counting rent/insurance/other necessities)... 8o I did have TLK Broadway tickets in there though 8)

The Sonic God
14.04.2008, 03:11
Welcome to The Savannah, LostWolf. :)

15.04.2008, 20:25
Originally posted by The Sonic God
Welcome to The Savannah, LostWolf. :)
Attracted by the scent of money? :lol:

I've spent maybe 250 (~$500ish)... I don't even earn as much as you spent in a month, TSG. Then again I only work part-time... ;)

The Sonic God
18.04.2008, 02:55
Well, this was 14 months of saving. I started saving for a fursuit and Anthrocon 2008 two months before Anthrocon 2007 began.

19.04.2008, 09:12
Original von Mafriki
... I don't even earn as much as you spent in a month, TSG. Then again I only work part-time... ;)

I totally second that.
on top of that, I wouldn't be able to save that much money. I'm not earning enough, however I do hope this will change soon. :)

The Sonic God
22.04.2008, 20:26
Just gotta keep plugging away. Pay yourself, first and foremost. The inability to save money for the long run can be very painful in the end. Even if it is just as little bit, it still counts.

I pay myself $75 a month (to a savings account) which I will not touch for years to come.

I'm still working on paying off student loans, which are over $18,000... they were $28,700 two years ago.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
03.09.2008, 21:24
As For Me I Spend Most Of The Money On Jewelry Such As Diamonds And Sapphires! Though I Did Spend $48.45 On A New PVC Vinyl Cat Suit Today, I've Always Wanted One!
A Month On Me In Jewelry Cost Can Exceed $55,470.00+ Easily. But Daddy Lion Loves Me! As He Says, Whats a Daughter For In You Cant Buy Her Jewelry!