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30.03.2008, 18:29
[FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=16][COLOR=orangered] Hi ive made a general chat room, just general chat here! 8)

30.03.2008, 20:31
I'm sorry to disappoint you there, but this is a discussion board and no real-time chat!

31.03.2008, 10:39
here goes the start of a general chat board... how was everyone's weekend?

ion the past four days, i've had two parties, and stayed up through two nights... in total, friday i slept 15 hours through to the morning, where i had to prepare for a party at mine. then sunday, i slept two lots of seven and a half hours.

man, what a weekend. lol

The Sonic God
04.04.2008, 05:47
Hmm, pretty slow for me.

I slept maybe, 5-6 hours, alarm woke me up, got in the shower, got dressed, had a bowl of cereal, left for work an hour early.

Got to work, clocked in an hour early, sold maybe, $6,500 in stuffs, and $500 in service. Made about $110.

Came across some repeat business, a couple of people from Germany, thanking me for their laptop, but they had some trouble with the notebook lock. They swapped it out and I programmed it for them.

Clocked out an hour late (11-hour day), came home.

Cleaned out the litter box, mopped up the bathroom floor, and took out the garbage.

Made myself a box of macaroni and cheese, and opened a can of Orange Fanta.

Got on the internet and responded to E-mails, and messageboard posts.

I am now posting this.

Eventually I will go to bed and sleep late because tomorrow is my day off. ^^

04.04.2008, 18:10
man, i wish i worked, but i suppose that i am pretty young, and have very little time nowadays. anyways...

today, went to sixthform, set up drum kit in the studio, had psychology lesson, returned to studio to find drum kit un-set up, played on brawl then home. right now, i'm doing work and later i will go to band practice... no, i have a gig tonight...