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16.04.2008, 14:41
Hey all,

As you may mostly know, I am a full time veterinary nurse by day, but at night I am a voluntary music journalist for an alternative online music website called Planet-Loud. They mostly focus on metal, but I am their "punk/rock" reviewer and writer. I get to go to concerts for free and get cds to review them.

Anyway, last month I had the chance to meet the band Reel Big Fish (a californian ska-punk group) and the interview has finally gone up!


Please take a read :)

Tonight I am being sent to interview Angels and Airwaves which I am VERY excited about!

Thought I'd share with you as I'm incredibly proud!

19.04.2008, 09:07
Really? I never knew you were a journalist!
Sounds great!

And your interviews seems very professional to me, although I don't know much about interviewing others, but it sure looks good!

How did your other interview go? Were you nervous?

19.04.2008, 12:12
thank you :) I was extremely nervous, it was the first time i'd ever interviewed anyone, and I told him that - he said I did great!

the interview I did on wednesday also went well, so now i just have to write it up from my dictaphone :). Still nervous about them because these people are in bands that I am well into, or i have idolised for years, so getting to meet them is still such an amazing opportunity thatd id have never gotten before i managed to get on the Planet Loud team.

And some people have to go trough university to do this! :D

04.05.2008, 21:03
^ i think that's awesome by the way! On eof my mates was telling me (not having seen this topic) that he wondered if he could get into interviewing in some way, but figured that he couldn't because he couldn't get an english degree. i told him about you and he's thinking on giving it a try...

just what did you need to get into that kinda thing?

06.05.2008, 21:59
you just need the right contacts... basically one of my mates is trying to be a photographer and got hold of a webzine and asked to take photos for them - he then would get +1 guestlists and take me along. He suggested that i wrote a revew of the gig we went to (It was Good Charlotte if I remember corectly) and they liked what I wrote so approached me to become a full time member of the writing team so get my own gigs! I have no academic training in writing - I have a BSc in Zoology - im a scientist at heart! ;). You've got to be prepared to write about anything though - the site I work for was predominantely metal orientated when I first started, but ive managed to sway my work towards punk/ska/rock :)

Get your friend to write a review of the latest concert hes been to, or the most recent album he's bought (usually a minimum 500 words to start off) and send it off to webzine/music sites, or even magazines. If they like what they read then they wont care what sort of background he has.

07.05.2008, 17:34
cool... i'll link him to this topic.