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18.04.2008, 23:37
i just started my first real job today. five hours in the kitchens washing up. it's low pay, but i'm only 17, what do you expect? lol

what do you guys do to earn the green stuff? (why did i say that? i'm from the uk! lol)

19.04.2008, 00:10
Jelly? Mmm, green jelly...

I started off in a restaurant washing stuff, serving drinks, being shouted at by customers and having a go at them right back... but I don't do that job anymore. It sucked and I wanted to push my manager in to the oven and cook him slowly.

Then I worked at a cinema which is probably my most favourite "crappy" job so far :)

As of now I work in a Spar (convenience store) as a supervisor commanding my minions to stack shelves and such! :D The power! Oh yes, the power!! :P

19.04.2008, 10:00
So how was your first week working, Josh?

When I started working I finally felt like I was able to take care of myself or at least I won some independence. How do you feel about your job now?

19.04.2008, 10:24
was pretty good... i only worked one night, but i'm working sunday lunch too. i can't work full time cause i'm still studying for a levels, but i can work most nights now that i've quit half of my bands.

the evening goes very quickly. i was stuck looking at the sink and didn't look out the window at all and before i knew it, it was dark, and half nine and the last plates were being put on the dashboard.

beats being exploited at east midlands jazz anyway. lol

you don't wanna know the story behind that one. seriosuly

19.04.2008, 13:34
Originally posted by josh_down
the evening goes very quickly.
You'll get used to it then it won't :(

19.04.2008, 16:29
At least with a job like that, you cold most likely slap on an mp3 player and listen whilst you wash!

My first proper job was in Waitrose (a supermarket) stacking shelves. I hated it and the customers so as soon as something went wrong (they wouldn't give me the holiday I wanted) I quit, after about a year.

I currently work as a veterinary nurse in one of the only exotics practices in London. that means we get to see some really cool animals like parrots, reptiles, monkeys and any small animal you may get in a zoo :). I am in the process of being promoted to temporary head nurse, which is nice. My ultimate goal is to get into London Zoo and work there.

I also volunteer as a music journalist as I mentioned in Reel Big Fish interview I conducted! (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=25710) . It doesnt pay any money (but I get into gigs free, meet bands and get sent cds) but it's giving me the experience of a lifetime I would never have otherwise, and helps me to persue my fanatical hobby as I lovelovelove music. :)

19.04.2008, 18:38
^ that is amazing man!!! wish i were like that. i wanna be a free-lance musician/composer when i'm out of uni. not much money, and it's a hard life style, but you're value free (most of the time) and you have dignity.


about my job again... thx a bunch, that's the info i really wanted to hear...


(sarcasm) lol

The Sonic God
21.04.2008, 18:30
A job is a job is a job. Be happy you have work.

I'm a salesperson for a computer store called "Micro Center." It's only based in the United States. We're a certified Apple Dealer, too, as well as a place to get your computer fixed. We also sell big screen TVs and many other consumer electronics. We also cell unlocked phones and services from Sprint.

Here's my opinion: Work IS Dignity. If you're not working, there's not much about yourself to dignify, is there? ;)

21.04.2008, 19:29
depends what you work as... like...

f i do become a free-lance composer/musician, i don;t really have consistant work, but i think i still have dignity.

22.04.2008, 00:57
I agree with TSG on this. Iím currently still in my first job, which is working a full 39 hour nightshift, across 5 nights, as a warehouse assistant in Sainsburyís (another supermarket). In all honesty itís completely the wrong job for me, as I am neither strong, adapted to working nights well, or stupid - Which management failed to notice and is fast finding out the hard way.

While this job is dreadful, I am grateful I have it. Before it I was unemployed, and not studying, for about 14 months. It sounds fun to have so much free time, but that couldnít be further from the truth. All my friends were off in far flung places studying, so I was alone. I had no money to do anything even locally. I became bored, depressed and suicidal within about four months. I was also gaining weight. It was the finding of this site that stopped me committing suicide, which is why I still lurk here, not wishing to leave it. I struggled with a useless job centre throughout my time unemployed. Iíve never met such a useless place in all my life. I eventually found my current job on my own.

Ideal jobs are hard to find, and dream jobs are even harder to find, never mind actually getting. But trust me when I say there is far more dignity in having a completely rubbish job then no job at all.

I can now actually consider my most expensive hobby more realistically. And thatís travelling. I might make it to a fur con yet - Especially since my target cons are in the US. ^^í