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17.07.2008, 04:50
well it i downloaded fraps but it seems that it wont record for longer then 15 seconds because i do not have a full version im just curious if anyone has a free verion that can record around at least 3mins of footage

17.07.2008, 09:38
Uhmm... what exactly is "fraps"? I don't have any version of this program, but I wonder what it does. Perhaps there is another one out there that the the same for free?

17.07.2008, 10:48
It's a program with which you can record your screen or programs (for example "Impressive title", there are already 2 videos reorded with fraps).

I was already looking for another free software, but I didn't find anything...

The Sonic God
18.07.2008, 04:35
Free software like that is usually garbage.

If you're a Mac user, I recommend getting Snapz Pro X.