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Lone Lion
15.08.2008, 20:00
I saw the newest animated hit Kung Fu Panda one week ago , and I must say that I'm impressed . I realy like that movie ... Hans Zimmer did it again , great score and good voice talents .. Somehow that movie matched my story , heh , since marshal arts are the biggest part of my life , and I'm big anti-talent too .
Karate - Shotokan style , Judo , Kung Fu - Wing Chun style ... All in which I haven't done well ... But who knows ...

What do you think about the movie ?

My favourite characters are : Tigress and Thai Long (Snow Leopard) .

15.08.2008, 20:35
I've also watched this movie and I enjoyed it very much. I never expected the story to be that good. I mean a panda becoming a Kung-Fu legend... well I didn't expect it to be that good, but as you said Hans Zimmer and of course the animators did a tremendous job there.

The Sonic God
19.08.2008, 03:37
Jack Black movies in the past have been mediocre at best, but Kung Fu Panda has been by far one of the best 3D animation films I've seen since... well, ever.

I enjoyed this movie thoroughly and even though I thought it was short, the action and storyline made up the difference.

The "Secret Ingredient" moral is something I hold a bit of truth for.

Very enjoyable, and Tigress is such a beautiful character.

19.08.2008, 10:49
the movie looks proper fo shiz... looking forward to seeing it at some point especialy from what you dudes/dudettes think

Lone Lion
19.08.2008, 21:26
Its surprising that Jackie Chan was one of the voice talents ...

Would you like TLK to be animated the same next generation way Kung Fu Panda was ? Heh ... This question desearves a pool .... So what is your opinion ?

The Sonic God
21.08.2008, 03:30
Please stay on topic.


A couple of opinions from me on Kung Fu Panda. I'd have to say that as a 3D movie, this certainly does pass a lot of expectations. I honestly wasn't expecting much at first. Over the Hedge paled in comparison to this, even though I thought that that movie was interesting, too. This one held onto my interests. The opening sequence was a bit of dry humour, turned out to be really funny. Po's character was an inspiration to us all. We all know what we want to be, it's just something that has to be unlocked inside of us. Find the one true calling that you value above all else and give it your best effort.

Even a villain as strong as Tai Lung could not destroy or stop Po's true calling.

It was thrilling to hear Tigress call him "master," after all of the tough training that Po had to go through.

Tigress had talent... but was she wrongfully denied per place? No...

Was Po lucky? Probably, but luck eventually gave way to skill.

I recommend people see this movie at least once.

21.08.2008, 08:31
I just splitted a few topics of this thread and moved them here:
Would you like TLK to be animated the na)ext generation way? (was: Kung Fu Panda) (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=26375)

I hope you don't mind but this way we can discuss Lone Lion's interesting question without getting off-topic :)

Now back to Kung Fu Panda:

I also think that one can identify with Po very much. He is a main character afterall and therefore it's no suprise, but he is very lovable indeed. Very clumsy at first but then he grows up to be a true hero.

But I still feel sorry for tigress. She is very eager to live up to her master's expectations, however he is not able to acknowledge her due to his experiences with Tai Lung.

then again there are such wonderful sequences, just like the talk between Master Shi Fu and his Master. I just love this saying:

There is a saying:
Yesterday is history,
the future is a mystery,
but today is a gift.
That's why it's called 'present'

Lone Lion
21.08.2008, 14:52
No problem with thread splitting .... I forgot about " stay on topic " stuff ...

Somehow I saw Tai Lung in Tigress , her pride was as much as Tai Lung's when he was refused by Shi Fu's master . Can be master Shi Fu parttialy responsible for that too ? This time because of his lack of attention towards Tigress ..

One of best parts of the movie with Po (for me) is when he speaks with his master and tells him why he didn't quit and left the temple .. and off-course when he speaks with Master Oogway too .

One of the funniest characters was rhino Commander Vachir , especially when he said "Oh noo !!!" when he spoted Tai Lung freeing himself .

The Sonic God
22.08.2008, 18:55
It wasn't the lack of attention... it was lust for power.

What made Tai Lung different from Master Tigress was Tigress' disappointment in herself. It only wanted to make her become stronger. Tai Lung felt that he was wrongfully denied.

"Nothing happens by accident." While I find this difficult to believe, there is some truth to it.

Think of Po for example... he was a goofball and quite clumsy. But it was his passion for the martial arts and his good nature that eventually brought him to providence. Tai Lung was forever corrupted by his greed.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that greed is a good thing. It never is and never will be.

Lone Lion
22.08.2008, 23:23
What helped Po most was his wish to change and to be someone else .. His passion for martial arts was the biggest part of that wish , and he was disapointed in himself as much . Well even master Shi Fu was disapointed too , because of his failure to direct Tai in good direction in life . Most of the characters were disapointed in themselves in diferent parts of the movie which , I think , is something that the movie is all about .. fightning to achieve a life dream or destiny for which we believe that is ours ...

Somethimes people need to fight without end for their dreams in order to achieve them , but as much they need to ask themselves if those dreams are realy worthy of such fightning ... and if they are realy our true way ?(

"Nothing happens by accident" I fully agree with this wisdom ...

Its cool to notice that many movies have greatly wise and almost flawless characters like :
Oogway - Kung Fu panda
Yoda - Star Wars
Dambledor - Harry Potter
Gandalf - Lord of the rings
Rafiki - Lion King
and many other .... =)

The Sonic God
25.08.2008, 01:57
Oogway was an interesting character, but I thought that his "parting" was a bit quick... he was essentially "becoming the spirit."

Was interesting on how he was able to use "pressure points" to incapacitate Tai Lung.

26.08.2008, 06:25
I didn`t like this movie especially. That so-called wizdom of the turtle doesn`t impress me. "Nothing happens by accident", think it over. Sorry if this is off-topic, but in the town where I live, we recently had something that according to that standard, was meant to happen.

In a rather busy street, somebody who had just stepped out of the 7eleven shop,tripped on the sidewalk and fell on to the road. It just so happens, that a trailer just drove by and killed him immediately. Now, was this meant to happen? And was it also meant that the driver of the trailer was meant to experience trauma because of what he had done?

I wouldn`t say this is off-topic, this is discussing the movie.

The Sonic God
27.08.2008, 04:31
There are times when that applies, and when it does not.

An accident saved my sister's life. When she was a child, during the winter, she had slipped and fallen on stairs outside, and hurt herself. When she complained of massive cramps, my mother had rushed her to the hospital. The doctors did X-rays and an MRI on her, and found out that she had kidney cancer. Had she not fallen on the stairs years ago, my sister would have died.

Had Po not goofed off when he did, Oogway would have never chosen him, and they would have never found the Dragon Warrior.

Something else I should point out too (SPOILER), was the empty scroll. It merely shined a reflection upon oneself. "There is no secret ingredient." You yourself in life must define your own path. I'm sure that there have been many "accidents" out there which directed people to their true calling.

It's hard to tell.

One thing I can believe in a little bit was the "illusion of control." That argument was well thought out. You can plant a seed, and it will grow into a plant, but you cannot control what kind of plant it is, nor what it will produce.

"Illusion of control," and "there are no accidents," could be two sides of the same coin.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
27.08.2008, 21:47
I'm Glad Youre Sister Is Ok.

03.09.2008, 21:26
I love this movie! I was laughing all the time and it was a wonderful stroy now I want do buy it on Dvd.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
03.09.2008, 21:59
I want To see The Movie, And I Will Get It On DVD.
Lantana It Sounds Great, So On That I Will Try It!

24.11.2008, 02:42
it was funny lol. skaduche!

my fav characters are also Tigress and Thai Long, i'm a snow leopard fan, and i also like tigers, but mostly white bengal tigers

30.11.2008, 18:07
I absolutely loved this movie. One thing I liked is that there were several species of animal in this movie that aren't seen often in movies or TV shows. I also love how artistically pleasing the movie's style is. It is very well done. I can't wait to get it for Christmas^^