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Lone Lion
19.08.2008, 22:13
I found one realy cool program which lets you transform yourself into a fiction character ... ?( Another hero staff ... I know :lol: ... I'm not living into fantasy world , just I'm so bored :D ... Anyway with this program you can create a character which can be used for anything from avatars to I don't know ... From lawyer and musician over knights and normal people to aliens and monsters ...
It good stuff for those who are not artists .
Here is the link , if you are bored than check it out :


You can download program too , so you can use it offline on :


Ah yea , and to view how one of countless results look like , here is mine :


Have fun folks ...

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
27.08.2008, 23:12
Fascinating Indeed! I'll Look Into It!