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The Sonic God
12.10.2008, 02:59
A gentleman came to me at work today, looking for a solution to his Mac problem. I noticed his German accent. (Some parts were spoken in German. I had them translated to English.)

"I beg your pardon for asking, but where are you from originally?"
"I used to live in Germany. Kind of hard to get rid of the accent, you know, like Arnold Schwarzeneggar?"
"I understand... though I believe Arnold is from Österreich?"
(In German) "Austria, yes. Haha. So where did you learn German?"
(In German) "Oh, from my friends, my teacher, in classes."
(In German) "Cool."
(In German) "German is my second language."
(In German) "You speak German very well."
(In German) "Thanks, I try." (Now in English, since that is the limit of my knowledge.) So this is what you'll need...

The man was very nice. Just something interesting I come across every once in a while.

12.10.2008, 07:50
Now it's really a good thing you're learning German :)

I think your customer must have been very impressed! At least that's a thing I wouldn't expect.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
13.10.2008, 20:02
Wow Thats Interesting Indeed! Glad It Worked Out For Good Sonic!
Always Intresting The Convorsations We Have At Work!

The Sonic God
14.10.2008, 21:23
Anyone else have any random conversations at their jobs?

15.10.2008, 12:32
Well... as I don't really have a job like this right now there are no interesting conversations. But I'm sure that I'll provide something once my time as a primary and secondary teacher starts. :)

15.10.2008, 13:12
Nothing in a different language, but seeing as i work with exotic animals, usually their owners a pretty crazy. We get a LOT of random conversations when theye waiting to see the vet ;)

The Sonic God
16.10.2008, 04:17
How cool would it be to work with animals? I want a job like that.

17.10.2008, 02:02
apply at the zoo? lol :P

The Sonic God
17.10.2008, 06:47
The zoos want volunteers.

I want money.

Not gonna happen anytime soon. :p

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
17.10.2008, 22:08
My Job Doesnt Really Get Many Convorsations, I Just Grade Gems Or write Up Gemological Reports, Or Do Company Research. So My Jobs Dont Get Much Convo with Customers.

21.10.2008, 16:56
Originally posted by The Sonic God
How cool would it be to work with animals? I want a job like that.

Im now head nurse at my vet practice... its taken me 6 years but it was worth it :)

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
24.10.2008, 19:48
You Are Very Fotunate Reeps!
I'm Happy For You!

The Sonic God
02.11.2008, 17:05
One of my closest friends is a veterinarian. ^^

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
07.11.2008, 21:34
Thats Cool Sonic, I'm Happy For You Too!
**Snuggles You**

01.12.2008, 14:06
Some time ago, when I was working at the front desk of an hotel nearby Vienna, a plane couldn't take off because of the bad weather, so the clients had to stay overnight....

Client (American) while checking in :" Actually where am I right now?"
Me: "You're in Vienna"
Client: "...."
Me: "Capital of Austria?"
Client: "...."
Me: "Europe?"
Client: "Ah....okay...."
Me: "Mozart? Sound of Music?"
Client: "Ah that does ring a bell! So which language do you speak here?"
Me: "German"
Client: "AHHH! I'm in Germany!"
Me: "No Sir, you're In Austria"

At this point the conversation stopped :D
Keys were handed over and he left....

At this moment I didn't know that I had to explain this again and again to other future guests