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26.10.2008, 17:09
Well we are fast approaching Halloween, and my local zoo, Marwell, is celebrating it in a fun festival for children. Apparently many animals like a nice bit of pumpkin. So kids are being encouraged to come along and feed the animals after having fun putting a face on a pumpkin. ^^

Now Iím not normally one for Halloween since many British teenagers misuse it horribly. However I think it would be really cool to see photos of animals enjoying the event too. Or maybe those talented artists out there are up for the challenge of helping the Savannah celebrate Halloween in style. ^^ It would be fun to see what spooky fun the members of the forum would get up to in a Halloween party, too. ^^

Iíll start off with Marwellís cute meerkats. ^^

Sorry itís so small - Thatís the only size the Marwell Zoo site had. :/

Come on, lets see those spooky pictures! ^^

28.10.2008, 10:56
What a nice picture and a nice idea, too :)

As far as I know there is no special "Halloween" decoration at our local zoo, so I probably won't be able to provide any pictures... And my cat doesn't like a piece of pumpkin at all XD Only if it comes as a pumpkin soup, which is very delicious.
But I don't have a photo of that, I'm sorry.

As for a Savannah Halloween style.. perhaps you didn't notice bceause you are using the T&P Style (as far as I recall...) but when you switch to the standard Savannah Design you can see two little halloween themes graphics at the bottom of the page. Credits go to Atimon for the nice work.
You might want to change your style and have a look at it :)

28.10.2008, 12:02
Ah yes, I did know that the standard design had a Halloween theme. I, however, find yellow too bright to read off. Just one of many of my eye problems. I'm not going to adjust my monitor settings for one website.

But this was not what I meant by 'in style'. ;)

28.10.2008, 13:19
Uhmm... okay.. would you please care to explain what you meant by "style" again? Because if you didn't mean the look of the board, I got it all wrong :)

28.10.2008, 14:19
Aha! What I mean is lets celebrate 'in the best possible way'... As in; "an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living: to live in style". It's sort of an expression, in a way. For example: "If we are going to fail, lets fail in style" - That is to say, "We can't win, but lets show them how good we are anyway". Has that helped? I'm not very good at explaining things... >.>

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
31.10.2008, 20:27
This Is A Cool Idea Albus And Everyone!