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02.11.2008, 11:58

Iíve been to Las Aguilas Jungle Park, as I mentioned in the Local Zooís topic. And it is true that the birds arenít behind any form of fencing. Even when not performing. However they are tied down while not performing. I have to say it is one of the most amazing places. You can get very close to the animals, and take unobstructed photos. I remember thinking, while there, that vultures are always seen as ugly. But actually I thought they had their own kind of beauty. They are actually very impressive birds. So I feel it is a shame that this has occurred.

02.11.2008, 12:51
Now that's really sad.. :(
I've once attended a bird show and back then I imagined what could happen if one of bigger ones decided to attack you, but fortunately it didn't happen.
I wonder what made the vulture behave in this way, because normally vultures don't do that.. and yes, I don't want to imagine what could have happend if children were attacked. But still working with animals that closely bare some risks, again I'm very well aware of it.

02.11.2008, 13:48
Like Kir says, working closely (or indeed even being in the vicinity) with that sort of animal you will get these risks occuring. It is, after all still a bird which is orignally from the wild (even if captive bred) and although may not be as fearsome as a big cat or wolf or something at the end of the day it still has the tools to which to cause serious harm - we had a vulture at work the other day and although it was a baby its beak is still razor sharp and can do some real damage if it wanted. Heck, even a macaw which seems rather friendly and is used in abundance in bird shows and as pets has a beak that can crack whole brazil nuts in one easy motion - imagine that being your finger, or nose. All it takes is one spook and they can switch like anything.

It does seem out of character for a vulture, but you dont really know what was happening at the time - a large crowd of noisy people can be overwhelming to the best of us!

It is unfortunate it's happened but it *is* essentially like having a wild dog or cat wandering through the crowd. I dont know but I get the impresssion that people don't hold the same regard for dangerous birds than they do for their animal bretherin, and seems surprised that a bird (with pointy beak and talons) can do something like that. Although it is luckily rare (for the animal and human's sake), you will get these things happening.

The Sonic God
02.11.2008, 16:57
Maybe the vulture was hungry? Mmm... hooman...


That is really bizarre, yet, not unexpected. Many zoos try to prepare for things like this, but with animals, there really isn't any way to predict or control their behaviour 100% of the time.

28.12.2008, 22:59
its like that song The vultures ate my *** off

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
29.12.2008, 19:26
Interesting But Yeah I Understand How This Can Happen!