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The Sonic God
02.11.2008, 17:08
Or as they say in German, "Abend vor Allerheiligen."

All Hallow's Eve, or "Evening before all-holy." Hmm... interesting.

Well, my Hallowe'en was pretty uneventful. Wanting to go fursuiting, but nobody was doing anything or going anywhere. @_X

Anyone get any candy or went to a party or something?

02.11.2008, 17:24
Personally, I don't celebrate Halloween, but this evening a neighbour's child came by and asked for sweets. It was really fun to listen to his "poem". And the pumpkin looked rather cute XD
It was the first time I actually saw a child doing these sort of things here... But it was fun anyway.

03.11.2008, 20:45
my halloween was amazing - on the friday i went to my friends house and we watched Halloween H20, Halloween Resurrection and Night of the Living Dead 2. On Saturday I went to a party where EVERYONE was dressed up - we all looked fantastic :). I went as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and was really proud of my costume :).. blood soaked cricket bat and everything!

Lone Lion
03.11.2008, 22:33
We don't celebrate the Halloween , but when I was younger and when I was at my grandmothers I used to make a glowing pumpkin with a creepy face on it ... I used to place that on the fence and watch people's face expressions when they pass by (especially from bicyclist's) . Since people didn't knew anything about Halloween I really had a great time ... The streets were really dark .. heheh

04.11.2008, 00:37
I didn' t celebrate Halloween because I didn't have time for that.At this day I have to done some important things.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
07.11.2008, 21:33
It Was Quiet, No One Came By so Not Much Happened.
Though I Had Fun Sitting In My Room With Momma Lana And Dad Watching TV And Eating Candy!

01.12.2008, 14:12
@ Kirauni: Yah that's really weird. When I was a kid, Halloween didn't exist.... Now every Halloween the kids are coming doing the stuff they know from the TV-shows.

I do not have a problem with that, but it was taken over from a different culture. Over here they do not know much of the backgrounds - they think it's all about "Trick - Or Treat"....