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Saber Tooth Leopardess816
07.11.2008, 21:48
Hi Everyone, I Have The Flu As I'm Not Posting As Often As I'd Like, But I'll Try To Be On More Often, After I Get Better!
Though I'll Be Resting Frequently, Love You Guys!

07.11.2008, 21:57
Oh... that's sad. I hope you'll get well soon!

Lone Lion
07.11.2008, 22:05
I hope you will get better as soon as possible !

08.11.2008, 01:10
I wish you get well soon and a speedy recovery.

08.11.2008, 01:47
*hugs* get well soon

08.11.2008, 09:17
Aww, I hope you recover real soon. *snuggles up like a plushie*

The Sonic God
10.11.2008, 20:24
Drink a lot of water. That's all I can say.

Good luck.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
14.11.2008, 20:52
Yeah No Doubt Sonic, Water I Am Drinking Plenty Of, I'm Feeling slightly Better Today Though A Dull Nausia Wont Go Away. **Snuggles Albus Plushy Like And Everyone Too**
I'm Glad To Be On Here Today, **Huggle Furr's All Here**
Thank You Guys For The Support And Caring!
You Guys Are The Best Ever!:lionlove:lionlove