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27.11.2008, 12:42
a friend who i have met on fur affinity has spent some time away recently, and here are the pictures that he's brought back


figured that if i were to share this (which it'd be a crime not to) then here'd be one of the best places to go

Lone Lion
27.11.2008, 12:50
Images are beautiful , was that him on some of the pictures ?
I'm glad he had a great time with lions :)

27.11.2008, 13:24
Yes, I'd like to know, too.

These pictures are awesome. I'm an animal photographer myself, but these are just breathtaking.
Thank you so much for sharing and tell your friend to keep up the good work :)

27.11.2008, 15:16
yeah... i think that's him with the ponytail