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07.12.2008, 14:52
Ok I'll try to introduce my character..

Khalil is a young lion. He likes to play and fight. He's friendly and talkative.

Do I have to say something else?

07.12.2008, 15:00
No, you can be as detailed (or not) as you like. When ever I RP and post character info, I tend to give the following: name, species, age and bio (biography - as in a little bit of back story about the character, if any). But there's no right or wrong about how much to tell people.

07.12.2008, 15:12
Ok ^^

Khalil has a brother (Djahlil) and a sister (Manna). They grew up and lived together with their mum. But she got killed by some other lioness. Now, Khalil is alone. He's a great hunter and a beautiful tawny young lion.
He has already fought against other lions but he hasn't enough experience.

Is that enough? lol

07.12.2008, 15:13
Yes, it is. ^^

07.12.2008, 15:18
:lionhappy thanks

can I play or do I have to wait?

07.12.2008, 15:26
Heh heh. ^^

At the moment the RPG section has been rather... Not active. There aren't a lot of people wanting to RP. The best thing to do would be to start an RPG of your own. I might have a go, if you don't mind a meerkat joining you. I don't know how quickly I'll be able to get new posts up, so there's likely to be times when it stops for a while. With any luck, someone else might join in too. ^^

07.12.2008, 15:39
Ok no objection ^^

Arg where can I start a new one?

07.12.2008, 16:14
Thanks for exlpaining it to Khalil, Albus :)
That's very kind of you.

As for the RPG you can start it here in this forum:


The Savannah --> The Lion King --> TLK Roleplay.

Hope that helps and I also hope that someone will join you. I'd love to RP again, but I currently don't have much time to spare... nah... I'm sorry ^^'

07.12.2008, 16:28
Thanks Kirauni ^^ I've just seen it and posted. :)

10.01.2009, 19:48
im a lion cub who was abondoned after 2 months and is having trouble finding food and is lonely