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10.12.2008, 04:24
hey members of the savannah!!

anyone here have livejournal?? it's basicaly a blog community. here's mine...


10.12.2008, 10:35
Yeah, I do. The link is always findable by clicking on the banner in my signature. I tend to be rather fussy who I add as friends though, and they tend to be people I at least used to talk to a *lot* before hand.

10.12.2008, 11:17
I have http://reepacheep.livejournal.com/ but I never use it - I only use it to watch friends/other people. Feel free to add me if you desire, I'm a quiet soul ;).

I have http://www.reepacheep.co.uk for all my blooging :).

edit: woops I've not used it in so long I didn't know the right address ;)

10.12.2008, 18:17
I have an LJ. It is:


It's Friends Only right now so just add me and I'll add you back. I will warn you though, I mainly use that journal for ranting though there are some happy entries sprinkled here and there too.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
19.12.2008, 22:32

This Is My Live Journal!

The Sonic God
20.12.2008, 03:49
I use my LJ account for ranting. I rarely ever post on it.

I post most of my more positive journals on Fur Affinity.

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
22.12.2008, 20:47
Yes I Saw Your Last entry On FA, Quite Interesting Indeed!

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
22.12.2008, 20:53
I added Some Of You To My Friends List At LJ!

23.12.2008, 01:07
my last post??

01.01.2009, 01:06
I'm very, VERY new here, but, if anyone is interested, I hold a blog here:


I also have a private journal but I rarely add people to my friends list unless I know them in RL or very, very well...
Sorry <3

01.01.2009, 16:16
t'was me who just added you btw lol

29.01.2009, 03:26
Yup, i have one... just type aladasian in the addy bar.

29.01.2009, 13:33
consider it done lol